Aug. 23rd, 2012

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I still don't watch Glee. I had this idea right around the time I wrote my first (and only other) fic for Glee. I wrote a handful of scenes and then found out that the show went a totally different direction, so I just left it. I have a very hard time ignoring canon. I figured I'd eventually post it as dead fic.

Instead my life has been kind of shit. And by kind of I mean 'really' and I miss the hell out of everybody but I just can't. I know I can and that means the world to me. Just like before I've printed out the things everybody has said to me during this blackout time and they're up on the wall, a touchstone. I literally touch them before I leave my room, every time, every day. You guys are a lifeline, a saving grace, a joy.

Which has not a lot to do with why I finished this fic. And also everything to do with it. I don't know. I wanted to write but I couldn't start something new, so finishing something old and screwing where the show decided to go happened instead. Should I tell you this deals with Karofsky and Kurt? It's mostly a Karofsky fic, though.

I'm considering turning off comments so if that happens, it's just because I'm kind of easily overwhelmed right now.

Also: Un-beta'd. Completely. And I finished it and posted it. If it were a baby it'd be covered in birthing goo and stuff. Yeah, mental images. Sorry.

Nothing in life will ever come that easy; doesn't mean it has to be that hard. )


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