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Day Twelve!

There was actually a lot of different fic that I wanted to write these last twelve days. Doing two stories a day really sort of killed that—I have a list of ideas (written both before Christmas and after the New Year started) so I really, really do hope to write them this year! And I hope to get better, too. I know that some of the fics from these last twelve days haven't been what they could have been and I'm going to do my best so that I can't say the same next year.

This fic, as it happens, is on that list and for today, too. Since the first day was also on that list, and in its proper spot, I'm really happy to be ending here. Thank you to everybody who has listened to me cry, who have offered me ideas, who have prompted me when my brain didn't work (I wrote those ideas down, too!) and to everybody who has taken the time to send me a PM or IM about what I've been (hysterically) throwing at the internet. I'll get to replies soon, now that I can take a day or two to think. All of you have been so good to me and always there when I needed it.

And, finally, thank you to everybody who has been reading even without letting me know. Comments are off because I've got my issues but I always have the hope that you're out there.

The End )
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This is not actually the crack that I meant to write at all. Orz. The one I wanted to write would have needed pictures. Lots of pictures. And it woudl have killed dial-up. Also: Taken more time than I had. Sorry, Meg! I will get to it someday? Because I love you and find you to be genius?

One more 'day' left!

Courtship in Camelot )
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So I am randomly re-reading [ profile] waxrose's fantastic Saudade (from which my birthday present was formed ♥) and I'm listening to my music files on shuffle. And what should happen to shuffle up but 'Mandy'. As covered by Sung Si Kyung (which you can see here, if you're curious). I don't even really like that song.

D: Sung Si Kyung-ssi, DDD: And you too, Winamp. Boo. You suck.

Ah, anyway, onward to day ten! Several people have heard me mention this one. Yea, verily, it is the 'Sho's nipple-riffic photoshoot and his bandmates are whores' fic. Based on (and around, I suppose) Sho's recent +Act photoshoot. Especially this picture. (…sometimes I feel absolutely filthy.) ETA: But we can actually blame [ profile] blood_opal for giving me this idea. I have warned her before, damn it! And where the hell is the rest of fandom to put an end to this?

Picture Perfect )

PS. [ profile] ferinough should totally write Sho finding/writing meaningful rap lyrics with 'Hop on Pop'.
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Day Nine! I am almost caught up?! \o/

This is more Maou-fic. If you haven't watched it, you guys, you seriously should. I will burn you dvds of it if you want. I really, really want to write things for this series that fit with it. I want to write good stuff for this series but it's really hard. I don't feel like I'm really getting it right. Also: Still waiting for the announcement for Maou 2. It's gonna happen, right? Maou 2: Somewhere over the Rainbow. R-right?

No Better )

...I think I'm just going to have to resign myself to being crap at Maou-fic. >.< I know what it is I want to get across. I know what it is that the last episode--and Naruse's explanations--made me feel and I want to explore why he said those things, felt those things...I'm just really not any GOOD at it. ;___; Oh, Maou. You keep making me cry.
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Back later with fic, I swear. For now: [ profile] fivesomeaday has a quiz. About nipples. SERIOUSLY.

ETA .01: Um. My...layout changed? What? Remind me to ask Edward if he's been screwing with my journal. I keep leaving Hiyori unattended by him to run sweeps and defrags and I can't imagine that she changed my wallpaper, my winamp skin, and my journal layout all by herself. I married a strange man, is my guess.

ETA: Day Eight. Day Eight, I say! T-time for more Arashi? SHUT UP, I LIKE THEM.

Today's prompt was something I got from [ profile] honooko on Y!M. Because aldksfjd YOU GUYS. I told her Ohmiya/Inoue Mao! In Jun's bed! And she did it. I probably would have borne her children if she'd asked it of me. I was seriously, seriously impressed.

Instead, she gave me an awesome prompt. Namely: Tiny!Nino sleeping over at Sho's and telling Sho a secret (that sometimes he likes boys). …dudes, I am SO weak to Tiny!Nino and Midget!Sho. I hope I did this justice.

Tucked in (inside of me) )
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This is a lot harder than I thought. Normally I'm a fairly slow writer anyhow so even doing one story a day can be a little challenging…so doing two or more is really sort of wearing and a little stressful. I'm going to finish because I want to finish but next year? Well. I'll either start work BEFORE it comes up or else, if I can't write every day, I'll just skip the whole thing.

That said, on to day…seven? Seven.

More from the AU au )
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Day Six is early because I have to remove the taint of feeling like I fail for Day Five. (I want to write GOOD Maou fic.) Orz I'd have tossed this into day five except that I occasionally just really hate mixing my tags.

The brilliance of this idea totally comes from [ profile] lady_gemma, who was good enough to listen to me cry. Somebody please tell her to slap me a little more often.

I am so sorry.

Day Six is giving Day Five the bird )
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Day five! (Shut up! I'm going to backdate these in a week and then it really will be on the fifth day! Totally!)

Maou. ~Maou~ I fell in love with this drama and it made me cry. The summer of 2008 will always be remembered as the summer I cried every week.

Sadly, I think I totally butchered this fic. >.< I hate Naruse Ryou. BOTH OF THEM.

Nothing Lost )


So, um…maybe I'll be back with some crack or something? To make up for this? Orz

Day Four

Jan. 2nd, 2009 05:11 pm
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There are probably several factors contributing to my lack of Kamen Rider Kabuto writing—which makes me sad because it's a damn good show. I love the characters. I want to write them. I hope to do more of that in 2009.

For now, Day Four shall have to do.

Big Brother )

Um. Okay, so that was not the fic I sat down to write. At all. Let's try that again, shall we?

The one in which Kagami gets his ass kicked )

;__; Expect 'day five' later tonight and for me to actually be around online tomorrow afternoon. Also: THOSE LINKS. Later tonight or tomorrow. PS. [ profile] waxrose loves me. ♥ (NINO WAS THE CHRISTMAS TREE. MY HEART. IT IS YOURS.)

And now, I have to go make dinner. Why do my kids always want food?
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Welcome to the Third Day! Also: To my very first Merlin fic! Now I can sit with the cool kids at lunch again! \o/

But! Before we move on to that fic I must say that I have the best f-list ever. No, seriously. I came back to birthday wishes and fic. AWESOME fic. Like, EVERYWHERE. If I weren't inundated with four extra teenagers and three extra pre-teens (all girls, mind) I would post links now. As it stands, it will probably be tomorrow. I ♥ you guys.

To Mend a Ragged Seam )
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I just got home from Christmas.


The week before Christmas my van decided to have a major electrical problem that took one week and fourteen-hundred dollars to fix. The day before my birthday, the day my niece was getting married, the day I was leaving for home, it decided to have that problem again. Thankfully I only had to sit at Firestone (with all four kids and Ed) until the wedding was over and the reception started. So, you know, basically all day. Because before that every single family member was busy getting their hair done or doing photographs or whatever. And the church, for some reason, could not find the grandmother of the bride and it never occured to them that the bride, the parents of the bride, the matron of honor (the bride's sister), the bridesmaid (her other sister) or the junior bridesmaid (her niece) might know who and where she was.

The best part is that the part and the labor was done on Tuesday--but because they kept unhooking the computer and the battery, the SRS anti-theft device kicked on and it had to be towed to a the nearest Dodge dealer so that a satellite uplink could reset the chip in the key, the key fob, and the ignition.

I didn't have my laptop with me, of course.

The upside is that the repair didn't cost me a dime because I'd had the car back for less than a week. The downside? I'm looking to back date a lot of fic for the 12 Days (I aim to post two a day until I'm caught up starting tomorrow, and then backdate it after a week or so). Here, have some day two Gravitation. I have to pass out.

The second day of Christmas! )

ETA: Here, have some cuts from the FIRST day of Christmas!

Stuff from the Arashi fic that I cut because it didn't fit and then gave titles because I thought it was funny. )
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>.< So apparently I get to go visit my sister-in-law for Christmas. As in I get to wake up early and drive for eight hours after two straight days of snow. And while I'm gone, we're supposed to get snow and sleet! This is, of course, after I've finished all the little packing duties that--when involving four kids--actually amounts to a huge amount of work.

I can live with miserable sister-in-law and seeing my own family (who will nag me about all sorts of other issues!) because I have awesome people in my life. I'm really sort of pissed off about the short notice and the whole thing were I was going to do the 12 Days of Christmas. I'll probably end up backdating and hoping that I actually finish (I get to lose at least three days of working time--I have vague outlines, but everything I do for 12 Days is actually written on the day of posting orz).

So this is today's story, a prompt I picked up from [ profile] waxrose. 'Jun never knows what to get Aiba for his birthday'. It's a great prompt but I don't know that I'm happy with what I did with it. I'm sure my mood is to blame either way. But at least, she says, at least I DIDN'T KILL ANYBODY.

A day that only comes once a year )
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We finally made it! Happy Feast-of-the-Epiphany Eve! I wanted to have a really awesome story for you, but my brain took over and decided that what it needed to do was bookend these twelve days. So I played around with style a bit and wrote some more Clover. It was an idea I'd had for [ profile] 31_days' November themes. It was originally started for the 3rd's "my pillow won't tell me where he has gone" but I couldn't make it then, but I thought it could also work for the 23rd's "o love, be fed with apples while you may". I didn't finish that either. But I liked the idea enough that I wanted to keep working on it. I think that, with all the hits and misses I wrote, this is probably a miss. But it's all I've got and I think I can promise that I'm not going to be writing more Clover anytime soon. Thanks for sticking with me these last twelve days! Next year, I'll try to do better!

Time Swiftly Running )
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We're almost done! Just one more day left! Today has been a very bad day (my arm hurts a lot because of the shots I get in my elbow) so I'm very happy to have anything at all for you—hmm, maybe I should have worked harder yesterday and cheated today? But my family helped me a great deal as I wrote this; by the end, I felt just like Eiri!

Christmas Snipers Snapping )
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Meg will recognize this for the cheat it is. The truth is that I wrote this several weeks ago and not today--but I edited it today, so does that count a little?

A Desire Softly Sleeping )

I thought about it a little bit and, since I'm giving you a cheat, I decided to give you TWO cheats. This is another thing I wrote for Meg in the run up to December 12th. I edited this one a bit today too. I bet you can guess by the title what might happen.

A Fish that Watched Us *beep*ing )
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Originally I picked this idea up from Meg. Ages ago. In fact, it was while I was working on the research for it that I wrote something for Becky that ran along the same ideas (and was some of the only het I wrote last year!). And though that story came from this one, this story is almost (but not quite) its continuation. What I'm trying to say is, if you like this story, you should thank Meg! Before I kill her for this! Because I…I'm now addicted to 'Dancing with the Stars' on Youtube. She needs to die.

Memories and Dancing )
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Oh yeah, you read that right. A Holic/FF crossover. I WANT MY QUARTER, MEGHAN.

Chocobos Racing )
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This story was originally inspired by [ profile] lazulisong talking about how cool it would be to have fic for the winter solstice. I agreed but, unfortunately, spent the solstice packing, renting a car, and invading my parent's house in an adjoining state. So here it is now!

Winter Solstice Waiting )
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Ahahaha…I totally forgot what it was that I wanted to write for today! And my connection has been really sporadic for the last few days as well, so I've spent a lot of time trying to get my computer to connect. I'm apologizing right now if this sucks! I'm not really good at Kingdom Hearts since I've only watched Edward play the games—and I know I've missed parts of it. Timeline wise, this takes place after the end of KH2—but I don't know that there are any real spoilers. Still, I like the title of this one—I think it really fits (not something I can say about a lot of my titles, I think!).

Goose-eggs from Playing )
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This Tarnished King )


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