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Ahha! Found the rest of my half of the [ profile] 30_kisses fics that Chelle-sama and I wrote ages back. They're all short and I'm not going to bother to look up the theme number. Just the four for today, but more at a later date, I'm sure.

Kiss )

Goodnight )

Candy )

The Road Home )
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Huzzah! I forgot that one or two of my themes were on Farmer, rather than on (the network shunning) Yellow! This one was writting for the [ profile] 30_kisses theme #5--"ano sa" ("hey, you know....")

NOTE: This story also directly follows Red. As in, this is a direct continuation of that fic. I had meant to post them together, originally but didn't and then Yellow flaked out.

'Ano sa' ('hey, you know...') )
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Yet another of the [ profile] 30_kisses themes! This is theme #19--Red.

Red )
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So, a few more of my half of the [ profile] 30_kisses that [ profile] chelle_sama and I are doing illegally. Two today, but they're short, so it's not so bad.

Theme 1-Look Over Here )


Theme 17-kHz (kilohertz) )

So, that's it for now, kids. The anime comms have all the other stuff I've done lately.
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[ profile] 30_kisses Theme #27: Overflow

Please Note: [ profile] chelle_sama will have another 'kiss' going up on her journal before the end of the day.

Also: My Kurogane/Fai AU at [ profile] 31_days now has another part which is here.

Overflow )
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NOTE: I've added another part to my AU TRC Kurogane/Fai fic over at [ profile] 31_days. You may find it here. There's a link to all other parts in the story, or you can just see my previous entry.

MORE IMPORTANT NOTE! [ profile] chelle_sama and I decided to take Kurogane and Fai through [ profile] 30_kisses. They were already claimed, of course, so we decided to write the fics and then just post them to our journals. I took a handful of themes, Chelle took a handful, and we'll be posting them willy-nilly throughout the journals. One day I'll post a master-list, I suppose. For now, find Chelle-sama's stories here and here.

NOW A NOTE ON MY FIC! Today's fic has, yes and I'm sorry, a previous fic that it relates to directly. In Mind doesn't have to be read to get this one. It really doesn't. I swear. But this is pretty short, so, you know, it could be fun.

At Heart )


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