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Guys, you guys! TODAY IN HISTORY FLANGE WAS BROUGHT INTO THE WORLD. And she has graced us with wit and wisdom and cookies. She is amazing, absolutely amazing, and I love her. Somehow the words 'happy birthday' are supposed to encompass all the wonderful, joyful things I wish for her...they don't but they'll have to do.


(Present tomorrow!)
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So, I only managed to finish one-half of your present. It's nothing that you asked for but something that we'd talked about before. The OTHER half should be finished tomorrow. I just didn't have time today.

But I love you and I am glad I know you even if you DO drag me into fandoms. Tiny fandoms. Fandoms so small that I have to write fic because there are only ten of us and only half of us write things. THIS IS TRUE LOVE, BECKY.

Anyhow! The first half of your present!

Pre-Series Kagami/Hiyori )


This is a tiny, tiny snippet... )

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And now, a short bit of ficlet.

For my darling Kaille, who feels old at the age of twenty-three. I do love you so. )

And a belated Happy, happy birthday! ♥ to my own Deanna. ILU, Aiba-chan.
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You have been an amazing person in my life this past year and I am so grateful for you. If you drop me a prompt I will write you something. Come, I bid you ask me anything. ♥

(Sorry it's late. My internet was kind of a bitch and then I wrote some stuff.)

And now, unrelated, a fic from the Fish AU. Which probably needs a title of some sort someday. This takes place AFTER the bowl-making bit, but before the 'my friends came to tell you to stop getting your homo on me' bit.

Just a short bit )


Jun. 3rd, 2010 10:35 pm
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I love you and I promise I will do better by you at a later date.
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[ profile] je_fqfest rides again! You can sign up here.

I have signed up because...well, to be honest? I don't know. Writing porn always makes me cry. I guess I just like a challenge.

a kiss, and all was said.

Kissing. YES.

You can find entries to the challenge here.

I am...doing all right. I love you guys. Thank you so much for loving me.

ETA: IT IS BECKY'S BIRTHDAY TODAY. [ profile] beckerbell, I love you! Happy Level-Up!

Give me a pairing/fandom/whatever and a prompt and I will write you a present. It will be LATE, because I am never on time, but it will be FILLED WITH LOVE. Becky, yay!
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I am so happy to have met you and to know you. You amaze me with your strength and courage and you make me laugh with your silliness. I hope you had a wonderful day and that the next year proves to be amazing for you.
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY[ profile] gimmick_game AND[ profile] tangiblewhimsy !!! YYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY

I love you both and I hope that today was a beautiful, wonderful day. I wish you all the happiness in the world in the coming year.


Feb. 22nd, 2010 11:13 pm
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Happy birthday, Meg and Amy!YYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY

In serious, non-rainbow text, happy birthday to my favorite other set of twins. I hope this year is better than last year.


Jan. 24th, 2010 12:53 pm
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I know from a quick scan of your lj that you had a fantastic birthday and I hope that it continues to be fantastic today (since it's still your birthday for ME).

I just really wanted to say that I'm so glad to know you. ILU!
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Happy birthday, Erica!

As with the previous ficlet, I have no clue where this came from. Just know that I love you and that knowing you are out there, being you (and sometimes being Yamada Tarou--and where the HELL is your Mimura? She should be here by now!) makes me happy. Happy birthday!

Obon )
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To [ profile] fluttering and [ profile] ruisetsuna. I love you both and I'm sorry I couldn't do more than update-and-run on the actual day. Or, you know, today too. ;___; I love you more than this post shows, I swear.

Also: For anybody who hasn't heard it yet I bring you the leaked version of 5x10.

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So, despite the busy day (as;ldfkjdkl WHY DO I HAVE THIS MANY KIDS? WHY DO I OWN THEIR FRIENDS, TOO?) and the fact that I have other things to write (a;sdkf;SUNDAY), I took twenty minutes to write this. Happy Birthday, Neen. You make me happy.

Older, Wiser, and Nino-er )
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He has cute hands
IT ENDS TODAY. *makes eyes at* You know I'd love you if you did it. YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO.

Also: To my dear [ profile] pink_tofu: HAPPY BIRTHDAY! YYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY
I'm sorry it's late and that your present will be even later (askdfjs;ldk I was hoping that I'd remembered your prompt wrong, but no. All six and a half pages of your present bit the big one along with 'Arashi has XXXXX and how they abuse them' and 'Five XXXXXs That Happened to Arashi' and many others). I WILL HAVE IT ASAP BECAUSE I LOVE YOU.

I will be back...eventually?
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How did I forget that summer is my busiest time?

Though I'm not surprised because I ALSO managed to delete...just about everything on Hiyori. After two days Ed got back most of my music, some of my videos, and a handful of my writing files. Don't expect to see me on very much in the next few weeks. Everybody, I swear I'll get back to comments. For now, please let me say that they do mean a lot to me and I'm very grateful you've taken the time to talk to me.

BUT! More importantly! I missed Aki's birthday (I deleted things just for YOU! orz) and I am very late with her present. But I love her completely. That's why I wrote an Ohno-is-an-incubus AU for her!

Into the Parlor )

Oh, god, I am so sorry. I really am.

This totally isn't what happened next, okay? )

S-seriously. So sorry. I can't help it. I had to re-write this in just a few days. While working on other porn. I'm just glad my head didn't explode all over this.

At least THIS totally didn't come after THAT? )

But seriously, kids, the lesson here is 'don't date sex demons'.

Related Sho-Nino back-story.
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But first, a belated Happy birthday, Aki! YYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY

I will have your birthday present soon. *snuggles* ILU and I hope you had a good day and I swear, present soon.
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Happy birthday, Becky!

My brain just DIED the last two days. It's just. Yeah. So I'm sorry this is nothing to do with the prompts or anything else I've been writing. I love you more than this fic suggests; I just really wanted to have something on your birthday. I'll make it up to you someday.

A Threesome in Four Acts )

Here, have a tiny little bit that I cut out in the very, very early draft from this morning )

NO, REALLY, I LOVE YOU [ profile] beckerbell. I REALLY DO.

And another little bit that really didn't work, either. )
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Firstly: Happy birthday, Erin!

I posted a comment fic over at [ profile] shoneenclub in celebration. Shoneenclub. I love that name. ♥

In other Arashi news: New single. I'm tempted but I'm not going to shell out for the limited edition until I know if I like both songs.

Random stuff: The contest at [ profile] ohmiya. I have an entry for the drabble contest. I hope to have one for the short story contest, too. I would not object to any of you joining in. I AM JUST SAYIN'.

Also: The Road Trip AU. ♥♥♥ One day it shall be posted and that day shall be AWESOME.

Stripper Pole: I...I just can't post it when I'm so unhappy with the transition. It's written but I wrote it in two parts, the smut first and then the lead in. Hence my trouble joining them. I want to get it out of my head but I know that my 'i don't like it' is actually factual and not just my usual 'i don't like it' that I feel for my own work.

Finally: I have a fic rant. Rant, rant, rant )

ETA: I feel like changing out icons but I hate looking for them. If you want to throw icons at me, please do.

ETA2: I just finally got into my e-mail. Do you know who is totally awesome? ZEL. a;lsdkfja;dfj OMG I LOVE HER FOREVER. I LOVE HER LIKE BURNING.
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Yay! Andii has Leveled Up! Happy birthday!

Since I am lame I can only give you one of the rejected opening scenes from Sho and the Stripper Pole Vs Sho's Bandmates Who Totally Have This Coming to Them!

Maybe the rest of it will be done soon? orz )
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