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This story was originally inspired by [ profile] lazulisong talking about how cool it would be to have fic for the winter solstice. I agreed but, unfortunately, spent the solstice packing, renting a car, and invading my parent's house in an adjoining state. So here it is now!

Winter Solstice Waiting )
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So, this is an old fic that I've fiddled with. It's one of the only CCS fics I wrote that I still like. Also, it's the 'prequel' if you will to my contribution to [ profile] 31_days today.

In Defiance )
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Life continues to attempt drowning me with piles of laundry and other forgotten chores. But I had to take a break and when I did, Tomoyo knocked on the door.

Ps. Fic has shades of TRC (which, given the Xxxholic is sort of a given).

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And a note today, too!

Firstly: This is for [ profile] lazulisong. She hates me and I love her so. *sob* Plus, I stole the idea from her. It's cute and fluffy.

Secondly: This is also a 'OMG, Sakura-sanyou'resoCOOL!' for [ profile] milchstrasse because a certain package arrived today and I totally did the fangirl squeal.

Warning: Un-beta'd. Because my beta is asleep and I am impatient. Plus, I eventually want to write more Charlie/Claire smut and I just can't when I have something I know I'm going to post haning over my head. The internet needs more porn, damnit!

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