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Yay! Andii has Leveled Up! Happy birthday!

Since I am lame I can only give you one of the rejected opening scenes from Sho and the Stripper Pole Vs Sho's Bandmates Who Totally Have This Coming to Them!

Maybe the rest of it will be done soon? orz )
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I'm finally starting to feel better, physically. Yay, me!

The downside of feeling better? I was doing beta work while sick. Now, when I beta it means I make private LJ entries to check how the fic looks and to read it over and sometimesI make corrections here, sometimes in the original file. When I'm sick, apparently I just copy/paste randomly from one to the other as I correct and leave myself with a huge mess to untangle. \o/ \o/ \o/

So for today, I will be untangling and then submitting.


You still have one more day to write and submit for both ohmiya is my valentine AND this year i'm giving FIVESOME CHOCOLATES❤ to all my friends.

It only has to be 500 words and it doesn't have to be porn! Heck, for fivesomeaday I don't think it even has to be gay (not any gayer than Arashi normally is, I mean) it can probably just be friendship antics and boy-cuddles. And I bring this up because 1: There are prizes, 2: It's not mod-judged, it's voter judged so you can't say 'only their friends will win' (they would shank their lj friends in their sleep if they could get to most of them) and 3: I am sick of reading my own stuff--please give me something better to read. Even if you don't think you can win, you can still enter (see point three) and you might surprise yourself. Seriously--most people are not good judges when it comes to their own writing.

I...guess it's hate meme time again? )

(Ps. You can friend me, defriend me, and ask me to defriend you; I won't ever get mad. I don't friend back a lot because I have issues. But if you talk to me enough, and pop up in discussions I'm following, who knows what could happen! You could end up stuck with a total flake that you have to defriend!)

Enough of that! Have some snippet-y bits that I couldn't turn into fic!

Deadfics )

PS. Re: Arashi's new song 'Season'. I played it for the kids and Ed. Right around sixteen seconds in to it Ed looks at me. About ten seconds after that he asks me if Arashi is trying to rickroll us.

I really love my husband some days. And later he asked if we could re-watch episode one of Uta no Oniisan because he wanted to see Ohno run around screaming again. I lucked out, people.
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It's that time again, kiddies.

Cleaning out the old fic bin and getting rid of the stuff that I just can't use or haven't touched in for-fricking-ever. Not much actually in there worth deleting (so far). But I DO have this...thing and I KNOW I'm not going to go anywhere with it.

So, what is this? Just some spoiler-for-the-end-of-KH2 stuff.

Sing the funeral dirge, kids. )
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Dead Snippets are things that I wrote as part of a larger fic and then found that it didn't work. This bit was actually going to be the beginning of a larger fic, but I've changed bits and pieces and it doesn't fit now. Parts of this will turn up again (in the fore-mentioned fic) at a later date.

But I wanted an update and I've been too busy to write much, and too tired from picking up extra days at work.

The one thing that I've actually been working on is part of the ficathon and cannot be published yet. Besides which, it is not finished. So there. Make do with what I give you! *cackles evilly before losing interest and wandering off*

dead snippet )


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