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RL Update: Things are not at all better. I'm not sure if this feels unreal or unavoidable now.

I meant to post all of this here yesterday but forgot about it once I got the poll up on LJ. So. If you'd like, there is an lj poll regarding Inception big-bang ideas right here. I could use ideas and/or working brains to do thinking for me.

And now, because I like to package asking you for things with fic, a bit of Finding Nino. This is for Leader, who once said she wanted to see Nino give in.

Let's see if I remember how to do this... )
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Some of you know that I play a part in [ profile] beinghuman_rp. Short story: It's a game set in modern day NYC, only the mythical beings of stories aren't so mythical. They live and work and play right along with everybody else.

I play [ profile] misono_soup and the reason I am actually talking about it instead of pretending I don't play a total loon is because I was talking to [ profile] sunny_yesung and we've decided that Misono and Yesung could use an adult. A Siwon adult. As in: I am kind of clawing the walls because SIWON. With MISONO AND YESUNG. And they're nuts and Siwon is a gentleman and wouldn't that be awesome? Don't you want to be our Siwon? No? Nobody wants to be Siwon and complete our happy, functionally dysfunctional family? You wouldn't have to visit the porn shop where Misono works! You wouldn't have to eat the weird ass food at Yesung's job!

Please think about it? We could really use more Koreans even if you DON'T want to be the adult in our happy household.

And now for what you're REALLY here for: Fic.

Links to past parts! NOW IN CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER: First and second. Even though this was written after some other stuff, this is three. Reposted to my own journal and backdated, there is part four. Then--after a jump of several months time-- part five. After, we come to part six, part seven, eight, and part nine. I hate you, deadfic.

This takes place directly before part six.

Finding Nino: In which there is actually very, very little Nino! )
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Today was kind of a crap day. Really, just kind of crap. So instead of being responsible and dealing with things or even working on fic that is DUE, I wrote some Ohmiya. Finding Nino Ohmiya because porn takes too long and makes me cry rather than making me feel better.

Links to past parts! First and second. Even though this was written after some other stuff, this is three. This is--after a jump of several months time-- four. There's a fifth that takes place after part three and before part four but I'm not sure WHERE. And now part six, part seven and eight. Stupid, STUPID deadfic.

Finding Nino

The Nino-part )

The Ohno part )
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Again, I will update with links later. Takes place right after/during the entry prior to this one anyhow. So if you missed that, please use the handy little 'previous entry' arrow and you will find it.

Finding Nino! Now with 30% more kissing and 68% more internal angst! )
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I will update later with links and whatnot. For now, this takes place AFTER all the other parts. Yes, yes, one day I shall make some timeline and fill in some gaps. Today is not this day.

Finding Nino--in Tokyo )
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I know, I know--I still need to update tags. But having worked nineteen days out of the last twenty-one I kind of don't care right at the moment. I am so behind on things in RL and on LJ.

For now some more Finding Nino )

PS. Please go check out this. But don't talk to me about it--I'm fairly sure I won't hear you over all the gay.
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I dropped my laptop by accident and now he is retarded. I hope Ed can fix him. For now, I am borrowing his computer. BUT OTHER THAN THAT, GOOD THINGS.

Meme from the flist (namely [ profile] honeypuffed and [ profile] gimmick_game): * Anyone who looks at this entry has to post this meme and their current wallpaper on their LiveJournal.
* Explain in five sentences why you're using that wallpaper!
* Don't change your wallpaper before doing this! The point is to see what you had on!

My wallpaper! *swoons* It was a present from [ profile] tangiblewhimsy and I LOVE HER, OKAY? With spazzing and hearts and stuff.

Picture! )

Also! Also! [ profile] honooko wrote me fic! It is glorious. It is a beautiful, beautiful Sho/Ohno/Nino fic. It's so al;sdkjfl;skjdf HI, I LOVE YOU. It makes me a little speechless with pure joy.

AND! [ profile] je_fqfest started posting the fics today! The one written for ME was already posted. It's Ohmiya. It's Letters From Iwo Jima Ohmiya. I am so happy. It's masturbation and memories and porn and it is lovely. But I do recommend checking out the entire fest. It is going to be EPIC. Also: It's porn.

[ profile] je_ficgames is going to start posting soon, so be on the look out for that!

Finally: New Arashi album. I have the rip. I'm really loving it so far. It's kinda a new direction for them, though. More dance and Euro-beat than concert-hype-up. I like it, though. Oh, Junface. Nino, make the jazz hands and I'll be happy. Aiba, wtf? :D :D :D Oh-chan, ♥ as always. Sho! T-A-B-Oh,Oh is right.
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Originally prompted by a friend and left as a comment fic, I am moving this to my own journal.

Finding Nino: Nino finds a cat. )
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Remember the au where Ohno caught a fish and named it Nino? Well, I wrote a little more in that universe just because I felt the need to write something.

Ohno meets Nino )


Sep. 8th, 2009 02:38 pm
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Yay, deadfic! Today I am irritated so I am kicking this thing off my computer. I was going to write a whole, long fic where Ohno moved except...well, that's been done and been done brilliantly. It doesn't actually have the Ohmiya in it at all, either! orz Fic hurts me in my thinking place.

Onward, to the deadfic! )

Aaaaand dead!fic has a second part.


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