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Guys, you guys! TODAY IN HISTORY FLANGE WAS BROUGHT INTO THE WORLD. And she has graced us with wit and wisdom and cookies. She is amazing, absolutely amazing, and I love her. Somehow the words 'happy birthday' are supposed to encompass all the wonderful, joyful things I wish for her...they don't but they'll have to do.


(Present tomorrow!)
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Yesterday Ben had a friend over. Yesterday, I had the shadow boxes down so I could try and take more pictures. Yesterday Ben's friend knelt on the long box and shattered it. MatsuJun...MatsuJun...was injured.

Today, once the theater has been put to order, he is undergoing emergency krazygluedesis. Ed is later going to do a brush-work modelcementrrhapy and, by the end of the day, we'll closeout with a little krylonenamelpexy. No matter what--much like Belt!Ohno and Headless!Ohno (even Cracked-Frosting-Goddamn-it-his-leg-was-NOT-OFF!Sho)--we will be keeping our beloved Jun-kun somewhere safe. Perhaps with one of the Ohnos in a box built for two.

*sniffle* Ganbatte, Jun-kun! You can make it!


May. 9th, 2011 07:35 am
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I have to leave for work but before I go: Arashi has a new album slated for release in July--CDJapan sent me the email this morning. No LE as far as I can tell.

And! Finally have a picture of my cookies from Flange!

Picture goes under here! )

I will get Ed to take better pictures when I can!

Seriously, I love my cookies to an insane degree. The kids are already fighting about who gets them when I die. :D :D :D They make me so very happy. My glittering, shiny, cookie!Arashi.
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So we've all heard about the earthquakes and subsequent tsunami and waves that have hit Japan, killing thousands and destroying much. Well, as before, fandom is kind of coming together to help out.

This is the link to [ profile] arashi_on's fundraiser for Japan. And as they said: I know most of us are broke or young or both but if you can and you want to, then you could check it out.

I heard about this from [ profile] flange5 who proves YET AGAIN that she is my god.

And now, because I like to package my pimps:

Uta no Oniisan fic! )


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