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I just got home from Christmas.


The week before Christmas my van decided to have a major electrical problem that took one week and fourteen-hundred dollars to fix. The day before my birthday, the day my niece was getting married, the day I was leaving for home, it decided to have that problem again. Thankfully I only had to sit at Firestone (with all four kids and Ed) until the wedding was over and the reception started. So, you know, basically all day. Because before that every single family member was busy getting their hair done or doing photographs or whatever. And the church, for some reason, could not find the grandmother of the bride and it never occured to them that the bride, the parents of the bride, the matron of honor (the bride's sister), the bridesmaid (her other sister) or the junior bridesmaid (her niece) might know who and where she was.

The best part is that the part and the labor was done on Tuesday--but because they kept unhooking the computer and the battery, the SRS anti-theft device kicked on and it had to be towed to a the nearest Dodge dealer so that a satellite uplink could reset the chip in the key, the key fob, and the ignition.

I didn't have my laptop with me, of course.

The upside is that the repair didn't cost me a dime because I'd had the car back for less than a week. The downside? I'm looking to back date a lot of fic for the 12 Days (I aim to post two a day until I'm caught up starting tomorrow, and then backdate it after a week or so). Here, have some day two Gravitation. I have to pass out.

The second day of Christmas! )

ETA: Here, have some cuts from the FIRST day of Christmas!

Stuff from the Arashi fic that I cut because it didn't fit and then gave titles because I thought it was funny. )
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We're almost done! Just one more day left! Today has been a very bad day (my arm hurts a lot because of the shots I get in my elbow) so I'm very happy to have anything at all for you—hmm, maybe I should have worked harder yesterday and cheated today? But my family helped me a great deal as I wrote this; by the end, I felt just like Eiri!

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This Tarnished King )
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I'm supposed to be working on my Bang*Bang story but instead I wrote this while I was updating my other journal during my 'dwaddling' time. It's basically crack but there is real love for the Uesugi siblings behind it, I swear. Also, so much love for Tohma, I don't care how much of a dick he is. So-swearing and mentions of canon pairings.

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