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Talking to my kids and mentioned a fic I did once for the Raising Harry ficathon. They demanded to read it so I found it, polished it up, and here it is.

Love you, kids.

Title: Please Check the Place and Time
Disclaimer: Jo Rowling and various companies, like Bloomsbury and Scholastica, own it all and make all the money. I just do this for fun.
Summary: When you're fugitive kidnappers who move constantly you sometimes lose track of a few little each other.
Ratings: PG-13 to R-ish, mostly for swearing and also for a bit of sex
Note:This is, very obviously, AU.

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So, I asked you lot to hit me with a request. And you did. This is one of those sequels. (Note: Four requests spots are still open if you want one)

For [ profile] rhrsoulmates, this is what happens after Byron. It was written in less than an hour in the middle of the night. I'm really tired. I hope it's not craptacular. If it is, I'll fix it. Or something.

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This is my entry for [ profile] hecatesknickers's seasons and senses challenge.

My prompt: Touch; Winter; Angst, wedding.

I hope I did it justice.

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Real life say the least. I haven't been home much because of my mom and dad and now that I AM home (because the kids are back in school) I've started working overnights. Weary is probably the best word I can come up with for my current state of being.

GENERAL FIC NOTE: Having joined [ profile] 31_days and [ profile] 14_lyrics I want to let you know that ANY fic I have in those communities is NOT posted here. It IS, however, in my memories; there is a special entry in my memories for fic written and posted in those communities (and it's cross-mem'd to the appropriate fandom). If you want to see what I've been up to recently, that's where to go. It's mostly anime, but 14's probably going to be getting LOST fic from me. Some of the themes are very C/C.

SPECIFIC FIC NOTE: This story was written BEFORE such, it contians no spoilers.

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Well, I'm not dead. My father had a heart attack this summer (right after HBP came out) and my mother had knee replacement surgery and I'm the only one of my siblings who is not currently employed so I've been making a sixteen-hour round trip far more often than I'd like. Both of my parent's medical condtions have worn me out quite a bit so writing has been almost non-existant. So has the ability to do almost anything on line (especially once you've seen the condition of my house). So, that's where I've been and why there's been no fiction.

FYI: Both my parents are doing fine (Dad is 73, so they're trying to control everything with medication after his angioplasty) and I'm in a good place emotionally. Just knackered.

THIS fiction was part of the Raising Harry ficathon. A very late, late entry and Kristi has been great about it.

Warnings etc. under the cut.

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I actually wrote this fic a while ago. But, due to some problems, couldn't get it transfered to this computer until now. It's just a bit about Harry and his Aunt Petunia...between Harry and his Aunt Petunia.

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Some of you probably read this over at The Ink Pen ( but I'm posting it here because...

Truthfully, I'm posting it because I wanted to talk about non-fic things here but this is a fic only journal. So instead of all of that, you get this and the knowledge that I'm so sick of people disappearing and little kids vanishing. I hate that Yahoo is full of those stories. I want them to come home.

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This ficlet comes directly from writing The Week Before the Ball over at HP100 for their 'refusal' challenge. A tiny part of this story, while it makes sense on its own, actually refers to that drabble and, if you'd like, you can read that first.

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Random note for today: I am not currently posting challenge fics/challenge drabbles in this journal. They are posted to the journal community that issued the challenge. A link to these stories can be found in my memories.

Also: Any warnings a story might need will be carried in the story header, under the disclaimer.

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