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That said: This is for [ profile] aeslis. Because she gave me the prompt of Nino/MatsuKen; Matsuken attempting to pay Nino back somehow for the cakes.

I should be sleeping )
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I was trying to re-write a present for Leader (alksdfja;lkomg I seriously wrote THAT what was I thinking, must make this readable!a;lsdkfj;lsdjf;lsjk) and after a while I quit and took an hour or so to write this.

For [ profile] ill_ame, for everything. I can't promise it's any good but I love you for giving me all that you did. Because you're right and they ARE amazing and I wanted to write something for you and for them.

Can't Erase )
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I promise, tomorrow I will get to responding to comments! I am so behind! But they mean the world to me, they really do. Thank you all.

Now, on to the fic! This was my fic for [ profile] je_holiday. I had a hard time with it, honestly, but enjoyed writing it once I got there. I've been told it's a little hard to follow and I'm sorry for that. On an interesting note: I don't know that anybody actually guessed this one was mine! I thought it was really obviously me but who knows?

And since this had a header for the comm, you get an actual header for this fic. Yay!

Title: Countdown
Group: Erm. There's a lot of Johnny's in here. It's just about everybody. Debuted groups, junior groups, juniors. Seriously, it's a mess of just about everybody.
Pairing: This is pairing free gen! Unless you want to count all of the hot Leader on Leader action. In which case it's a free-for-all of Leader-based pairings. With some possible Nino/Koki and Yoko/Koyama.
Rating: PG
Warnings: It's JE. There's some boy-love and innuendo and really tacky clothes.
Notes: For [ profile] kamja. I hope you like it and that it makes your holidays a little brighter! And a thank you beyond words to my beta, the ever-so-lovely Meisa (aka [ profile] sunnydreams416). ♥ Thank you.
Other new note: The Yoko/Koyama thing is all for love of Are you there, Yoko? It's me, God.
Summary: Everybody Loves Leader.

T minus… )
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This was my [ profile] je_fqfest assigment! A fic written for [ profile] imifumei. I...really wish I could have written something better for her.

I'm fairly certain that everybody knew this one was mine. Because of the scene breaks and because when I write everybody turns into a constantly-nodding-looking-glancing-sighing-breathing-moaning-squishy-feeling'ed moron. Seriously with the nodding and sighing and bantering. It's like they're annoyingly vocal bobble-heads. They all 'gesture' or 'make a gesture' and they can't keep their hands out of their hair and they laugh and smile all the time. They're VAPID, vocal bobble-heads. And when they hit orgasm it's all over in a paragraph. Or less.

I am so sorry.

Title:Between Friends
Pairing: Oguri Shun/Ikuta Toma/Matsumoto Jun. Or Oguri Shun WITH Ikuta Toma/Matsumoto Jun (and with a mention of Oguri Shun's relationship with Yamada Yu)
Rating:NC-17. A.K.A. Porn and Orgasms Warnings: Threesome? Drinking and smoking? By people old enough to engage in drinking, smoking and threesomes? A little rough play? Some minimal-risk unprotected sex?
Summary: Jun has a guys night in with Shun and Toma. This leads to having a guys night in wink wink, nudge nudge sex. As these things so often do.

'You know, the thing about poker and Jun' Shun said brightly. 'In,' called Toma, tossing his chips into the pot. 'Oh, god, Shun, go home,' Jun muttered as Shun shoved his entire pile of chips into the center of the table. )


Because I really do feel bad about this, I wrote some extra bits. Scenes from their past, the present, and the near future. I'm not saying they're great but they're SOMETHING more than what's up there.

And then he'd had Toma's hand in his, had slipped his own ring over Toma's finger. 'I won't forget you, you know' )

I'm not saying I sat down with Nino over beers and that the talk turned from sex and relationships to you and Toma )

I want you to stay )


I really wish I could have done better.
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Because Aya made me icons, I have made her fic. ♥ This is not the fic I was going to write for her. This is...I don't know what this is. I had some funny jokes and then I wrote this and I couldn't work them in. So I think I'll write THAT fic later.

For refrence, this is from the Fish AU that I wrote. Specifically, right after the second bit. There is another bit that's set in the future of this same universe here but I would read that after this if I wanted to be linear about it.

More Nino-the-Fish AU )
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Seriously, I am the worst.

They can make it! ...yeah, no, I've got nothin'. Sorry. )

This just goes to prove that, if given an hour to use doing something I really mean to do, I will WASTE IT UTTERLY and then inflict the results upon you.

ETA: Prompt was from here. For the lazy (because I AM. I SO am.): Who: Yoko and Sho
What: Yoko is Sho's new target for his mothering. Yoko likes it.
Rating: I don't mind if it's on the cute side.

I just can't make smut out of Sho's mothering.
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I hate being sick. I am tired and miserable and sore and I wanted to make cookies for Amy and Meg. >.< Since I refuse to send them whatever black-death has come upon me, now I have to wait.

In the meantime I continue to watch dramas (and I'm not Getting Ideas stfu) and am now wondering what happened to my links to MnS. Jdramas tells me it is 404. I know there is more out there! Where are you, Mei-chan?

ohmiya is my valentine
this year i'm giving FIVESOME CHOCOLATES❤ to all my friends.

Deadline is approaching! 12th February!

I have two stories for [ profile] fivesomeaday and one for [ profile] ohmiyaday. I hope to have another Ohmiya story but we'll see how it goes. (Before you ask: NO, I didn't send them in yet. I'm doing my best to find all the stupid errors I make. You just wait. Bullies.)

SPEAKING OF BULLIES. I seriously know very, very little about TOKIO. Quit saying 'dude, that'd be awesome' at me. (I am going to start slamming my fingers in the laptop lid if I keep this up. It's hard to be SRS RITER when I'm going 'AND THEN NINO WAS THE BITCH AND SHO GOT LAID A LOT!' at the computer.)

Up next: Slogging away at the numerous bits of different stories that litter my documents folder.

ETA: To those of you I have been spamming: I am going offline now. I have the dinner-homework-storytime-bedtime thing to do. Also: I am half-dead with cold medicine. BUT! You have all made me feel better. I might be sick but I am happy. ♥
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[Error: unknown template qotd]I'm hoping that my friends will use my body to distract the zombies so that they can escape from wherever it is that the zombies boxed us in. Feel free to turn me into bite-sized chunks and lay out a fake trail to lead them off, you guys!

PS. Use me while I am STILL FRESH. As Amy pointed out: Zombies like warm brains.
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I…you guys, this is probably a sin against God or something. I'm so sorry. I tried to resist. I just…I really couldn't.

So, this is DEFINITELY late, since it's set before Christmas but… )

Ps. Arashi loves us. I…I totally have other things to write. I do not need to write 'Five Things That Happened At That Photoshoot'. *clings* I REALLY DON'T.

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Day Twelve!

There was actually a lot of different fic that I wanted to write these last twelve days. Doing two stories a day really sort of killed that—I have a list of ideas (written both before Christmas and after the New Year started) so I really, really do hope to write them this year! And I hope to get better, too. I know that some of the fics from these last twelve days haven't been what they could have been and I'm going to do my best so that I can't say the same next year.

This fic, as it happens, is on that list and for today, too. Since the first day was also on that list, and in its proper spot, I'm really happy to be ending here. Thank you to everybody who has listened to me cry, who have offered me ideas, who have prompted me when my brain didn't work (I wrote those ideas down, too!) and to everybody who has taken the time to send me a PM or IM about what I've been (hysterically) throwing at the internet. I'll get to replies soon, now that I can take a day or two to think. All of you have been so good to me and always there when I needed it.

And, finally, thank you to everybody who has been reading even without letting me know. Comments are off because I've got my issues but I always have the hope that you're out there.

The End )
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First: Happy Birthday/Happy Anniversary, Arashi! Your rainbow-filled crack has enriched my life beyond measure. You make me happy every day.

Second: Never break a toe. There is nothing you can do about it except eat painkillers like tic-tacs. It's impossible to write (and half the time even reading is a challenge) while taking them. Also—if you break a toe certainly your eleven formerly-feral kittens will think it is a kitten toy. Orz But! I'm leaving off for the most part and I should be back to writing more soon. If you notice any glaring errors or just want to tell me to never write when half-hopped-up, let me know.

Finally! Matsumiya Prompt: Halloween Party with teasings and possible porns, you get to pick the costumes. <---This is why [ profile] lady_gemma is not a creepy stalker psycho. Also: This. I love her. I love her like I love abusing MatsuJun's dignity. Meg said it best: dignity piñata.

Somewhere to go and not at all dressed-up… )
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It's going under the Arashi tag because...well, because I can put it there.

Oh, god, you guys. Blame [ profile] waxrose for this. Seriously. All I did was drop off a tiny snippet of fic in her journal and she gave me a brainworm (also, love ♥). Oh, god, I am going to go crawl in a hole.

Salutations! )


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