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Ahahaha…I totally forgot what it was that I wanted to write for today! And my connection has been really sporadic for the last few days as well, so I've spent a lot of time trying to get my computer to connect. I'm apologizing right now if this sucks! I'm not really good at Kingdom Hearts since I've only watched Edward play the games—and I know I've missed parts of it. Timeline wise, this takes place after the end of KH2—but I don't know that there are any real spoilers. Still, I like the title of this one—I think it really fits (not something I can say about a lot of my titles, I think!).

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Meg made it NINE MONTHS without smoking! True, true, it's getting closer to TEN MONTHS now, but I am slow and forgetful.

So, um, in acknowledgement of her achievement I made some PRE-Kingdom Hearts porn for her! Yay! Way to go, Meg!

Oh, god, I am so sorry. I swear, I'll get you something better soon. But this is what I've got so far and I really, really am proud of you for making it to nine months and I swear that your one year porn will be good! It's Loveless and I actually know that and I honestly swear I'll get you better porn soon. Post KH2, even, and I've got an idea and it will be nothing but good smut. Honest.

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It's that time again, kiddies.

Cleaning out the old fic bin and getting rid of the stuff that I just can't use or haven't touched in for-fricking-ever. Not much actually in there worth deleting (so far). But I DO have this...thing and I KNOW I'm not going to go anywhere with it.

So, what is this? Just some spoiler-for-the-end-of-KH2 stuff.

Sing the funeral dirge, kids. )
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This is NOT Meg's nine-months without smoking fic. This is something freaking random I wrote last night while Edward beat Xemnas. And also because he told me he thought Axel and Riku would be friends even though they hated each other.

And I said 'o...kay' and wrote it for him. )

Related note about Edward beating Xenmas:

Edward: *staring* They beat man-sex by being...really gay.

Me: *nodnod*

Edward: *still staring* Okay, that's even more gay.

Me: *NOD*

Edward: *eyes huge* Kairi is their MOM.

Me: *nodno--* Wait, what?

Edward: Full circle, light and dark, birth and death. They defeat the dark, go to a 'dark' version of home. And Kairi brings them back to the light.

Me: ...

Edward: *grossed out* She opened her door and made a path of light in the dark they came shooting out of the darkness into the light. Into the ocean and Kairi is waiting for them on the shore. Symbolic womb stuff and Kairi is their surrogate mother or something. That secret end better not show them getting together!

Me: ...!
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God damn, but I am loopy when I'm tired. Found this in my notebook as I was transcribing my Bang*Bang entry. Inspired by something or other in Meg's journal.

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Meg, my darling, I am so happy that you have been smoke-free for six months that I wrote you porn on Edward's computer at work during their Monday morning meetings. I wasn't going to write this. Because, as I said, I know little more than 'omgLIMIT'. And then Farmer's keyboard screwed up. And I had to write in a very, very, very Catholic hospital during IS meetings that only lasted an hour or two at a go. But six months is six months and I am proud of you. May your other friends have blessed you with porn in recognition of your milestone.

Sadly, I'm pretty sure that my porn-fu fails. )

And THIS is the crap that kept going through my head whilst Ed and his office mates where in meetings only sixteen feet from where I typed.

Hey, you know what you could name that thing? )


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