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Well, it's been a while since I had FICTION in here. And probably even longer since it was Lost fiction, too. So, I present to you all a little bit of Charlie/Claire fluff! Now with Visible!Baby!

A Brand-New Day )
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This is for [ profile] southern_tiger as part of the Charlie/Claire ficathon (for more details, see my memories of 'Lost Fiction, Ficathon for Lendolyn' etc) brought to us by [ profile] teffy. A late entry because the person to whom this request was originally assigned was unable to complete it.

Please bear in mind that I wrote this quickly, as the ficathon ended a month ago and Libby is probably wondering if she'll EVER get a fic. Well, the answer is yes and I hope that it's at least part of what she wanted.

Then, Now, Always )
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Wow. Porn. Of the porniest sort of porn. The only reason this isn' because I didn't write in Sawyer's idea of the next game, which involved a stash of scissors, razors, and shaving creme. Good lord.

[ profile] misbegotten, this is for you. I think you know why. I just hope that you still respect me in the morning. *giggles madly*

Wanna Play? )
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This fic is an (unofficial) fic for the Snuggly OTP Ficathon--a link to the ficathon is found in the story header, as is more information regarding this story. It's fairly short (written in about an hour and a half) and mostly unbeta'd (written in an hour and a half) but it does contain Musician!Charlie, singing just a little bit.

One-Hit Wonder )
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Mostly from Claire's point of view, this is another cracked-out fic that wandered through. Short, unbeta'd, written in ten or twenty minutes.

Why is random, strange silliness so easy to write?

Who wants to peek at Claire's diary entries? )
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Hurray! *throws mistletoe* It's the Snuggly OTP Ficathon! I got to write a fic for Lendolyn and this, as you may have guessed, is the fic. I had lots of fun doing the research and writing for this fic, so I hope that you all like it. *smooches*

Remember: All warnings (etc. etc.) are located in the story header under the cut!


All the Best Daddies Have Cowboy Issues )
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Dead Snippets are things that I wrote as part of a larger fic and then found that it didn't work. This bit was actually going to be the beginning of a larger fic, but I've changed bits and pieces and it doesn't fit now. Parts of this will turn up again (in the fore-mentioned fic) at a later date.

But I wanted an update and I've been too busy to write much, and too tired from picking up extra days at work.

The one thing that I've actually been working on is part of the ficathon and cannot be published yet. Besides which, it is not finished. So there. Make do with what I give you! *cackles evilly before losing interest and wandering off*

dead snippet )
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Well, boo. I am not very happy with this fic. Sadly, neither my beta nor myself can pinpoint what it is that we don't like. However, since it isn't a bad fic...I'm letting it go. Besides, in the initial write I made a few cut-and-paste errors (while trying to decided on Hurley or Boone) and came up with the line 'How do you think Boone and I felt when I lost Hurley'. ^.^ Of course, nothing of this line survives today...still, it was really funny at the time.

Well, go on with you. Read it if you want to. )
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Since the voting is over at the [ profile] ccficchallenge I feel free to post this to my journal. Don't know how it happens, but my italics get eaten when going from the 'reply' to the entry screen. Boo. Eventually I'll probably put 'deep' here as well (though everything I write is listed in the memories).

Off I go! I have a character who needs to be killed.

For now, I leave you with Faith )
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So tired. Worked a thirteen-hour shift on Thanksgiving. *wants to be asleep* Then, when I finally find the fortitude to go on-line, I find a challenge. A Charlie/Claire challenge. I am the worlds biggest Challenge Wh0re. Damnit!

Un-beta'd. Written in forty-five minutes. Possibly I will play around and 'remix' this fic at a later date. There was stuff I wanted to explore, but would have changed it too much to meet the challenge. I think. *can't think*

gone )
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As you can see from the subject line, this is NOT what I meant to write. I was aiming to write a Charlie-POV companion piece to 'Want'. I got stuck and decided to try and brainstorm ideas.

Charlie Pace, however, decided to go on a cracked-out, lust-addled, rambling spree of the first magnitude.

Um. Oops? )
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I must say, disabling comments is very freeing. I don't feel the need to write a 'whole story'. I can write scenes, bits and pieces, and whatever else I want and not have to worry about 'm0re plz!' or 'um, you forgot the beginning so I didn't understand it'. Not that I don't write beginnings and middles and ends, because I do, but it's nice to not feel forced beyond what I've got. I don't have to stress out over plausibility if I don't want to. It makes it fun again, I guess.

So, in celebration, I bring you even more Lost fic! Yeah, yeah, yeah, I's just what you wanted. Don't worry. I've got a little CCS cooking (just a taste, mind!) and some other stuff. I'm just really tired right now and I can't think. Oh. Un-beta'd. I'll go over this again when I've had some sleep and fix anything that I think needs fixing. I just wanted to post this before tonight's episode.

Underworld )
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I wrote this about a week, week and a half, ago because I have some sort of thing about Charlie and hair and cuteness. It's's squishy. It's the kind of fic that goes 'squish' when you touch it. I'm posting it because the lack of Charlie/Claire moments for the last two weeks is absolutely disgraceful. Shameful, even!

Edit: Okay, I'm breaking. Can somebody teach me how to make an LJ icon? I keep getting tempted to make them and then I realize I have no clue. And I don't have a ticket for the clue train. Also, I cannot find the train station. Plus, I am lost in clue-city somewhere on the main drag of 'clueless-ness'. I'll write you something... Um......and I'll finish it before the month is out!

Without further ado...Tanglements )
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Just to note (mainly to remind myself): I'll go through the other entries and change the subject lines to include the pairings or characters in the fics posted.

Want )
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