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Three drabbles while I wait for the laundry to finish so I can fold it and go to bed. I love you, flist. ♥

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Meg ([ profile] lazulisong)has made it two years (and her sister's brain surgery) without smoking. Celebrate, people!

My celebratory offerings sort of suck. BUT AT LEAST I HAVE THEM.

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This one contains SPOILERS OF SOME SORT. I think. It's about Kio and his (highlight for spoilers wife and child.
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The idea for this fic, if not the first few lines, came from [ profile] 31_days' November theme set as well. It was sparked by the 9th's 'scattered pearls'. It's morphed quite a bit from that time but I feel that the theme holds.

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Also, today is my twenty-ninth birthday! Thank you all for putting up with me and for reading my stuff!
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To my dear and darling Meg, who has kicked smoking's ass for a whole, entire year. This is technically not late, either! As Edward comforted me in my stupidity, he said 'well, if she last smoked on the 29th, that makes the 30th the first day where she DIDN'T smoke'. Everybody should write porn for the awesomeness that is [ profile] lazulisong!

I am proud of you and you deserve porn and pettens. Probably I will have something more for you soon. If I can concentrate for more than six seconds without putting myself to sleep with the other pills meant to 'counter the nerves'. Dude.

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Oh! And I almost forgot! While hashing out plot points for this, I made Loveless wallpapers! Most of them are variations on one theme and they're not great because I've never done it before, but what the hell! Really, what the hell!
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I made myself a promise to read one manga series without cheating and reading scanlations or translations. I picked Loveless. And now my brain goes 'WTF AM I SUPPOSED TO FEEL LIKE THIS ABOUT SEIMEI'. Also, I can't look for fic because otherwise I will spoil myself silly. So I have to make my own if I want it. And, damn it, that means that OF COURSE there was a moment in volume two that was too f'ing cute for words.

Hence, I made Loveless fic. Stfu, I only have two volumes. And it's late so I don't care.

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Also, please note:

Me: I think Soubi is fucked up.
Chelle: Aa?
Me: Like, you know how Fai and Satoshi and Riku and guys like that are all 'OMG EMO FEEL MY PAIN AS I WEEP AND CUT MYSELF OUT OF SHEER SELF-LOATHING'?
Chelle: Uh-huh.
Me: I think Soubi is actually like that.
Chelle: But he looks happy…?
Me: I'm pretty sure that one day he's going to realize that he actually loves Ritsuka and it's either going to scare the crap out of him or it's going to break him into jaggy bits.


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