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If Nino ends up at Thumbelina it is all Erin's fault. (He'd be so tiny! And cute! And Sho would be so smitten! Because omg! Tiny!Nino! Pocket-sized!Nino! O.M.G.!) Which is to say that I might or might not be writing for this contest. I DO have less than two months to do my [ profile] je_holiday fic. *cue flailing*

Now for a fic I wrote in an hour! My creativity feels so weak and my desire to write, too, seems very far away. So I wrote just to write something before I have to go to work.

Maou/RnK crossover fic )
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I wrote a small HYD/Maou crossover in my head while I was mowing the lawn. Then I typed it up and if you click the cut you can put it in your brain!

To Loss )
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Day Nine! I am almost caught up?! \o/

This is more Maou-fic. If you haven't watched it, you guys, you seriously should. I will burn you dvds of it if you want. I really, really want to write things for this series that fit with it. I want to write good stuff for this series but it's really hard. I don't feel like I'm really getting it right. Also: Still waiting for the announcement for Maou 2. It's gonna happen, right? Maou 2: Somewhere over the Rainbow. R-right?

No Better )

...I think I'm just going to have to resign myself to being crap at Maou-fic. >.< I know what it is I want to get across. I know what it is that the last episode--and Naruse's explanations--made me feel and I want to explore why he said those things, felt those things...I'm just really not any GOOD at it. ;___; Oh, Maou. You keep making me cry.
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Day five! (Shut up! I'm going to backdate these in a week and then it really will be on the fifth day! Totally!)

Maou. ~Maou~ I fell in love with this drama and it made me cry. The summer of 2008 will always be remembered as the summer I cried every week.

Sadly, I think I totally butchered this fic. >.< I hate Naruse Ryou. BOTH OF THEM.

Nothing Lost )


So, um…maybe I'll be back with some crack or something? To make up for this? Orz


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