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It's my first day off in two weeks and I have a ton of stuff to write. So, instead, the first five (or possibly ten) people get a 100 word (round aboutly, that is) drabble. Leave me a name and/or pairing, and a prompt--words, pictures, songs, whatever.

1: Bones' FML life for [ profile] lazulisong

2: Score one for the fangirl!Sho for [ profile] blood_opal

3: Drunken Arashi Love Sho for [ profile] inuhariko

4: Nino loves Sho for [ profile] swan_song37

5: No YTM for [ profile] flange5

6: Guitar Hero/Nino OTP for [ profile] gimmick_game

7: Sakumoto crushes for [ profile] tangiblewhimsy

8: A bit of Holic for [ profile] akayalovesyaoi

9: Merlin and Arthur have a chat for [ profile] starsystems

10: Yamapair love bubbles for [ profile] font
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This is not actually the crack that I meant to write at all. Orz. The one I wanted to write would have needed pictures. Lots of pictures. And it woudl have killed dial-up. Also: Taken more time than I had. Sorry, Meg! I will get to it someday? Because I love you and find you to be genius?

One more 'day' left!

Courtship in Camelot )
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Day Six is early because I have to remove the taint of feeling like I fail for Day Five. (I want to write GOOD Maou fic.) Orz I'd have tossed this into day five except that I occasionally just really hate mixing my tags.

The brilliance of this idea totally comes from [ profile] lady_gemma, who was good enough to listen to me cry. Somebody please tell her to slap me a little more often.

I am so sorry.

Day Six is giving Day Five the bird )
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Welcome to the Third Day! Also: To my very first Merlin fic! Now I can sit with the cool kids at lunch again! \o/

But! Before we move on to that fic I must say that I have the best f-list ever. No, seriously. I came back to birthday wishes and fic. AWESOME fic. Like, EVERYWHERE. If I weren't inundated with four extra teenagers and three extra pre-teens (all girls, mind) I would post links now. As it stands, it will probably be tomorrow. I ♥ you guys.

To Mend a Ragged Seam )


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