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Wow, so I have been SO GONE lately. It's...a long set of stories, to be honest. To sum up: Ed's family is fucked up. Mentally and physically. Some hospital-visiting and some courtroom-happenings, all in Minnesota.

Lot of court time due to our 'extra' children. We had to become actual foster parents because one of our extras technically lives in another county. Looooots of court-time and home visits and classes.

Ton of work because the seven-year-old needs an expander and it's gonna cost. Why you gotta be a not-the-fun-type of mutant, child?

Spending time with many kids--I have a third kid who keeps trying to move in. Her family is super nice and very sweet but she's at that difficult age. During the summer the extras have lived with us most of the time. So I just spent a ton of time with the kids--my own and the others.

Occasionally keeping a baby in my house! Skyla's little girl (Mia) has been in my care a few times. I might be keeping her overnights a few nights a week so Skyla can sleep since school is starting again. (Jeremy, her dad, hasn't had a drink since she was born so I'm totally hopeful on that front, too.)

And teaching the oldest child to drive. We spend a lot of time on the road and spent a few days in Iowa so she could visit her Anime Iowa friends. It was fun watching teenagers terrorizing the park in Hetalia gear. (My child was Chibitalia.)

MATT AT FIRESTONE IS LEAVING ME. I love my mechanic. He took over for Walter and I still miss him, too. Woe. That was not why I was missing at all--that's just something I found out now. Saaaaaaaad.

But anyhow--so busy that I literally have not been online for more than [ profile] beinghuman_rp in weeks. I haven't been on any messenger. I haven't checked my flist, either. Just. No energy for it. I'll be around more now and I'll poke at the flist but if something major is up, drop me a line.

I haven't even written a word of fic in ages. BUT. [ profile] rainbowfilling has/had a deadline for me so you'll see something later today--for now I'm getting my oil changed and my tires rotated.

EDIT: ABOUT MY RP. [ profile] beinghuman_rp has been rebooted. We now do month-by-month play (rather than week-by-week) and we've pretty much had a fresh start for most everybody. We're also down to just a handful of people. Sho and Aiba are both open (and I've heard Ohno might open up, too). Toma is open? KOREANS ARE OPEN. Seriously, Yesung is there. YESUNG. Come play!
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Final day of voting! for the [ profile] shoneenclub June/July contest. Go read some fic and vote on it! Or just vote randomly! Voting is fun and empowering!

Also, you must click this picture to find the awesomeness that lives on the other side of the rainbow.
Rainbow Filling: an Arashi Rare Pair Challenge!

(Okay, okay, it's about Arashi rarepair bingo.)

This is my card under the cut! )

Normally I have fic with my pimping but it has not been an easy past few days and I'm a bit tapped out. But please go vote at the contest and enjoy checking out the comm!

Short thing that is not rarepair at all. )
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On the reading front!

For your reading pleasure, both [ profile] shoneenclub and [ profile] je_fqfest are posting right now! RIGHT THIS SECOND THERE IS FIC. You should go and read it! (Also: [ profile] ninoexchange and [ profile] je_otherworlds have posted/revealed! There is some AMAZING FIC offered there.) Take time to tell an author or two that you liked what you read--a line or two or even just 'I liked this!' can mean a lot to a person.

Happy people write more fic, yo.

On the writing front!

Rarepair challenge! That link will take you to the fantastic [ profile] elfiepike's journal and to a discussion about rare pairings in the Arashi fandom. The idea here is a bingo-card surrounding the. BUT! It's still in the IDEA stage. Dudes, you could get in on this on the groundfloor and throw some ideas (and prompts! lots of prompts!) around! You could help get these rare pairs the hookups they deserve. Possibly they don't even have to be romantic pairings!

I think it's a great idea and I think you should go spam Elfie with your thoughts on this matter! There is also a comm but I am not linking to it yet because I am EVIL.

And: In a previous entry I mentioned writing original fic. This is still something I'm interested in but I have no set plans about ANY of it. I'm way to lazy to actual run things. One thought is to have a comm that is all about posting original fic and maybe--if you ask nicely on your post--getting concrit. Otherwise, just praise! But for those people who need a prompt or a deadline, this wouldn't work. And I admit, there are times I need both of these things. In that case I wonder if something like [ profile] imaginarybeasts wouldn't be best.

Honestly? I want to write original stuff but I don't want to lead or mod a comm. I'm too lazy and I have a crushing fear of being expected to be a 'fandom leader'. I had enough of that in other fandoms. I just want to enjoy writing. So if anybody wants to make a comm, cool. If anybody wants to submit to Bang*Bang or The Book, let me know! We can be writing buddies!

Normally I'd package my pimping with some fic but it's been SO hot and humid these last few days and I DO NOT have air-con that I haven't actually slept for more than a few hours in the last few days. I'm too tired to write anything real.

So. Three minute orignal thing? )
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Today is Erin's Arashi-anniversary! I wrote a short thing to celebrate because this is important. It IS. I think we should celebrate the things that make us happy. I think it's awesome that she remembers it. ♥

Now, before I get to the fanfic, I want to talk about NON fanfic. [ profile] starsystems mentioned in her journal that we (as in 'we the people') should do a thing. A 'writes original fiction' thing. It's been a long time since I wrote anything original but I DO miss it sometimes. I may hate writing porn but I loved submitting to [ profile] bb_shousetsu.

Does anybody else (not you, Meg, I know you do) write original things? Is there anybody else who WANTS to write original things? Should we do a thing? An unofficial, not organzied at all, thing? Is there anybody even interested in reading original works? I'm just thinking out loud here--but expect to see me pondering it at you.

Now, the fic!
(First, a word from our sponsors!)
All I Ever Wanted

ENTER! You know you want to!

Short celebratory fic! )
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For those of you who have listened to me bitch and cry about FQFest, thank you. I made it. I lived through it. If I ever again get the urge to scrap the entire story, stay up for two days straight, and write thirty pages in thirteen hours I hope that you will kill me and save yourselves.

So! To celebrate my own insanity I am writing even MORE fic. First, I am reminding everybody of the contest at [ profile] shoneenclub (for which I am writing) and then I am subjecting you to X-Men: First Class fic even though I've only seen the movie once.

I make no excuses for my behavior. I've slept since then. )
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Had some seriously high winds up here on Wednesday, into Thursday. Were without power for a day. Trees down all over. One on car! (Thankfully, it didn't hit Ed's, which was right next to it). The kids took the pictures to school but as their friend Andrew had a tree IN HIS ROOM, they did not win the unofficial 'my damage is cooler than your damage' contest. Spent much of the last few days moving tree parts, sweeping up glass, getting the van taken for more glass (won't be done for a week, they're looking for 'used' glass) and working.

Thankfully the damage to the van is the dented roof, the rear side window and the rear windshield. It'll cost but it won't eat up all of our emergency funds. Getting the trees topped/taken down to stumps will probably do that! Beats them falling on the house, though.

ETA:Song for [ profile] flange5. She'll figure out why.

PIMPTASTICA! [ profile] shoneenclub is having another contest (their traditional June contest, but late!) I shall be submitting!

All I Ever Wanted


To convince you because I like to package my pimps with fic, I give you...

Random seven minute drabble! )
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So in addition to the wrist brace (for possible carpal tunnel) I also hurt my back. I will not be around much in coming days. And then I will get back to everybody! But it means the world to me--and you lot know both what I mean and who you are. ♥

In the meantime! A quest!

the emperor has nothing on at all

Do this thing, yes!

And because I like to package my pimps with tasty tidbits... )

Possibly I shouldn't be writing with the vicodin in my system but I'll go over it tomorrow when I'm not doped up and fix anyting wrong. Yay?
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So we've all heard about the earthquakes and subsequent tsunami and waves that have hit Japan, killing thousands and destroying much. Well, as before, fandom is kind of coming together to help out.

This is the link to [ profile] arashi_on's fundraiser for Japan. And as they said: I know most of us are broke or young or both but if you can and you want to, then you could check it out.

I heard about this from [ profile] flange5 who proves YET AGAIN that she is my god.

And now, because I like to package my pimps:

Uta no Oniisan fic! )
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First: Today at work I was at the door, doing people greeting, and told a nicely dressed young lady 'have a great day, miss'. 'Miss' turned around and hugged me. 'Miss' also thanked me for acknowledging her as a her. I was confused. 'Miss' told me she's a tranny. I told her honestly that I'd have not guessed that on my own. She wore it well. In all the unexpected hugs at work, this is one of the few good ones!

Pimping: I am SO WEAK sometimes. I hadn't intended upon it but I was asked so sweetly.

Sign up. Get Porn. Sign-ups close March 14th.

And because I like to package my pimping with a little something extra to pay you for your time, I asked [ profile] tangiblewhimsy for a word or picture or song.

The word?


And so we get some YTM fic. )
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Okay, apology first.

I've been a total 'tard lately. I'm sorry. Expect to see me around a bit more. Maybe not posting more fic or even posting more but being around YOU lot more. And I've been told I don't need to apologize but I want to. I love you guys.

Next up: Pimp!

[ profile] beinghuman_rp. I joined it. I'm playing. It's...apparently obvious who I am. But it's a lot of fun! We've got an incubus, a fay, a merman, a zashiki-warashi, a witch, some werewolves, a cursed human, AND a fallen star! We have girls! We have Koreans (well, one)! You could be anything and anybody. I would like more Koreans in the game because I think our one is sort of lonely (needs moar SuJu plz!). So if you're at all interested--please feel free to jump in. Everybody is really nice.

And now the repost! From [ profile] shoneenclub's October contest. I'm shocked at how this one did.

Title: Slow Virus
Summary: A virus, or a viruslike agent, etiologically associated with a disease having a long incubation period of months to years with a gradual onset frequently terminating in severe illness and/or death love.
Prompt Used: Future Arashi
Rating: PG-13
Note: You know who you are, Erin, and you know how much I love you.

Come on and catch my disease )

AND! A scene I couldn't work in!

Circe is lame! )


Oct. 17th, 2010 03:04 pm
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I have been SO lax. [ profile] shoneenclub is having a contest. There are a few days left. I have been working hard to have something for it but I think it's fun to do these things just for the hell of it so!
If anybody would like to join in said fun, there you go.

And in general Erin comes up with some really...just really awesome ideas for fic 'quests'. Not contests just...quests. So!
the melody lingers on

So those are the pimps. I leave you with a video!

RP pimp!

Aug. 27th, 2010 01:42 am
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As some of you might recall, I do tend to follow Role Playing games at times. They're like little fic comms! My last games that I followed were both CLAMP games (and before that, they were Harry Potter and *shameshame* Pokemon).

Well, now I'm kind of following a Arashi/Asian Entertainment game. It's [ profile] beinghuman_rp. The basic premise is this: It's present-day New York City but an alternate NYC (and world) wherein the beings and creatures of myths and legends did not fade quietly into the mist, they continued on along side humans and are part of the everyday, workaday world.

It's just starting out so relationships are just being formed and there is no overall 'plot' that limits it. It's like free-form story telling. I also bring this up to point out that there are still a lot of open 'characters'. The game draws from any Asian entertainment world (Japanese, Japanese, Chinese, whatever--actor/singer/model, whatever) and so there are plenty of options for characters. AND you get to pick their race--human, fae, werewolf, vampire, ogre, baku, demon, whatever your little heart desires.

For those interested:
The basic rules.
A list of those who are claimed/taken/on hold.
A place to apply.
Aaaaand, to round it all off, some helpful information on how to play in New York City.

I am tempted to play, honestly. But I learned many a lesson in the HP fandom and one of those was that I am NOT a good RPer.

But to anybod who IS and who is looking for a game--well, this one sounds like fun.
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Pimps first: [ profile] je_fqfest. Still posting. Arashi stories are here. I'm behind on commenting but so far it's all pretty good! One of them was/is/will be mine--I'm not that happy with it, honestly. I really think I could have done better. Or more. We'll see what the response is, though.

[ profile] je_ficgames is DONE posting and now it's just a matter of time until voting closes. One of those stories is also mine! I don't think it gives away too much to say that it's Arashi-based. I DID manage to comment on all of them, though! I voted fairly even if it meant voting points away from my own team. I hope we do all right. I had some really awesome people with really great ideas on my team and I'm proud of the work we did.

And now! Snippet! This snippet belongs in the same AU as Into the Parlor and More Than Heaven. (You know, the sex-demon stories? Yeeeaahhh.) It does in fact take place after Parlor.

It really isn't much! I just wanted to have something to go along with the pimping. )

...what the hell is wrong with me? Why am I even awake? I hope this is coherent. If not, I'll fix it tomorrow. Later today. Whatever.
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[ profile] je_ficgames posted prompt six this morning--it does not have the entries tagged by band but there have been a few Arashi ones for each prompt. If you don't want to read all of them and vote on each, please feel free to read the ones that interest you and vote on those. Please?

And now, so that I'm not just pimping the games, a fic written in half an hour, forty minutes. Something like that. (Unlike my last, this was not an idea kicking around in my brain for ages. This was written entirely on the go. >.< Brain broken.)

Random wiki-page, go! )

The other idea I had today, rather randomly, was YTM crossed over with Kaibutsu-kun! I'm not going to write it but I did have little bits rattle about.

Random bits! )

...and that's me, done. For now, at any rate. I get the feeling that there was something else I was going to say but I totally can't remember it now.
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The last day for submissions is today. I've been very, very, very MIA lately otherwise I'd have pimped this sooner. Anybody else feel like joining me in some 'omg, five hundred words on the quick!' ficcing? I think I'm going to try.

In other news: Here's something I don't remember writing. I found it as I was clearing out old files and I have no memory of doing this. None at all. It's like I surprised myself with fic!

Let's pretend it's part of a kiss, and all was said, okay?

Random Aiba/Jun ficlet! )


May. 23rd, 2010 11:28 pm
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[ profile] je_ficgames is up and running. You can sign up here but the deadline to sign up is TOMORROW.

I signed up. I can't resist a challenge! *sobs*

Also: [ profile] arashiroadtrip! We're on the road again! Yay!

*trundle off to bed*
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[ profile] je_fqfest rides again! You can sign up here.

I have signed up because...well, to be honest? I don't know. Writing porn always makes me cry. I guess I just like a challenge.

a kiss, and all was said.

Kissing. YES.

You can find entries to the challenge here.

I am...doing all right. I love you guys. Thank you so much for loving me.

ETA: IT IS BECKY'S BIRTHDAY TODAY. [ profile] beckerbell, I love you! Happy Level-Up!

Give me a pairing/fandom/whatever and a prompt and I will write you a present. It will be LATE, because I am never on time, but it will be FILLED WITH LOVE. Becky, yay!
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a kiss, and all was said.

[ profile] nicefinalbeam is genius. I love this challenge. This is my current entry, such as it were. I don't think it quite qualifies. Mostly I just wanted to write something for a little while before I had to go to work.

Start )
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Please. Please write me some fic for this contest. I really need some fic to make up for what I've written. It doesn't have to be long, just ShoMiya. Please write me some fic before you kick me out of fandom?
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STARFLEET ACADEMY. No, srsly. There are classes. [ profile] lazulisong and I are going to sign up and nerd ourselves into oblivion.

[community profile] uss_roselia Join us! It will be AWESOME. Who wants to take XenoBiology with me? And OFFICER TRAINING SCHOOL? Or how about Vulcan History? Maybe 'How to Die in the Wilderness'? They even have a class in Doctor Who.

This is going to be SO MUCH FUN.

PS. I now have a DreamWidth account thanks to my dear Meg. [personal profile] ciircee


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