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Reminder for those of us involved in things over at [ profile] je_fqfest. We've got, like, a month. *weeps* IMMA WRITE PORN LIKE A MO-FO, OKAY? I will totally finish BEFORE the deadline!

Picspam! Yay! )

Remind me to talk about how Aiba touched Ohno's knee on MS, okay?

That Ahahahaha. Apparently when I thought I posted this to [ profile] sei_shoku's Bi-weekly Theme Work: AU post I...totally didn't. Either I was sicker than I thought or I just failed to notice the fact that LJ was being very robust at the time.

THIS is the one that I was going to trash because when I am sick I write emotive, angsty crap. And then I thought 'ah, I can just bury it over at the end of the post!' except for the fact that the theme is over and it's twelve pages in Word. That would be a LOT of comments to leave. orz

So, here, have some untitledTitle-by-the-lovely-[ profile] ysabet-who-totally-DOES-need-to-get-into-this-fandom OT3 crap stuff that everybody else seems to like. Architecture )
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I got my [ profile] je_fqfest assignment! It is good and I think I can take it to a place that is AWESOME. (I say this now, but by the time it's done, I'll hate the beejezus out of it.) But seriously, part of it fell in to place right away. I plan to let it simmer while I finish Sho and his sparkly pole of strippage Vs. Sho's bandmates who totally have this coming AND the AU au. A-and maybe the thing with Machida.

I am also going to point you over here for stuff that Akiko is working on that made me laugh and un-pulped the brain that I had squeezed dry by porning at Becky. I mean, that whole entry is gold but the thing. With the butt. I AM HAPPY.

Also: I see that Meg is in my e-mail box and she potentially has tasty treats for me! Yay!

PS. I'm not ignoring anybody--I've got two kids down with ear infections that they got from the other two. I'm beginning to think that I should add bleach to the bathwater instead of bubbles. Srsly, childrens, wth?

Finally, some random pic-spammage.

And by 'random' I mean 'Arashi' )

Also, a picture of my glasses )
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If I'd let a certain somebody have his way, writing this fic would have been a lot easier. Except for the part where I hate writing porn. As it was, I kept looking at this and saying 'you can't DO that, it'd be rape' and getting the :< look in return.

I'm not sure how happy I am with this fic. Quite aside from the writer's block that I was working against while writing this, this is also my first YTM fic. I'm not sure I managed to get the characters right.

But at least I wrote something!

Home )

More important than the fic, I think, is the fact that certain people are very pretty. Observe )
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I did not cap Sho's laughing fit--the camera was not on him for much of it. Besides, you have to hear him. God, his laugh is just cute. Why so cute, Sho?

Jun's big, gay crush might be showing. )

Next time I spam you with pictures I will have lots of Sho. In part because I have neglected him and in part because I love him so very, very much.
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Just a really quick entry about Arashi no Shukudai-kun #119 (the HD version which can be downloaded from here) and whose total awesomeness I heard about from [ profile] blood_opal(ILUSM):

I am probably going to amend this entry later to include cute caps of Jun putting his peppers in Aiba's bowl (including the one from his OWN MOUTH, hi, honey, you sure are a BOY sometimes, aren't you?) and Sho dying of laughter. Because they're too cute. As it is, it's late and I'm tired.

So here! Have some Ohmiya being TOTALLY STRAIGHT! )

And that's all I have for you tonight. Oh! [ profile] taijiprojectsub has G no Arashi 34 up! It's an A no Arashi episode where Aiba makes them eat some really bad eggs. And there is a lot of force-feed-the-bandmate going on.
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So I have a TON of stuff I should be writing. So what do I do? That's right, I wrote something for 'Uta no Oniisan'. On my behalf, that song from episode two was completely stuck in my head until I wrote this. So, uh...spoilers through episode two? (And for those of you who care, the song lyrics can be found here. I'm surprised at how much I was able to understand while listening to it. Random Japanese is random!)

The title is so lame I couldn't even put it in the cut text. )

Ah! And! I found that picture of Jun and Ohno that I mentioned! It is not 'groping' so much as it is 'sometimes Circe is a total squishy for Jun touching his bandmates'. But there you are, then.

Picture under here! )
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You guys, please tell me to stop looking at the internet and go back to writing.

I am supposed to be working on:

The Super-Gay Ohmiya fic that is, seriously, the queerest thing I've ever written for the [ profile] ohmiyaday challenge.

The 'Let's-everybody-kiss-Sho' fivesome for the challenge at [ profile] fivesomeaday.

AND AU-au!Nino has had his hand down AU-au!Sho's pants for the last week.

I should NOT be thinking about:

Photoshoots and the fic that they inspire.

Hugging Tendou.

That RnK/Maou thing. And the bonus bit that wouldn't really be part of the story.

OR Aiba telling Jun that those melons touched Nino's nipples.

For now, have some random pictures!

Arashi pictures make me ha~ppy~~! )

And now I guess I will try to go back to writing again. orz


Nov. 29th, 2008 09:47 am
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♥ Everybody has been amazingly good to me lately and I love all of you. There has been overwhelmingly positive feedback on the porno and alskdfks seriously, guys, thank you so much. (I'd be embarrassed about writing fic based on Meg's fic...except I have a history of writing fic based on things Meg has written AND it makes me happy.) I sort of feel like I never thank all of you enough for being so awesome. Not just for being awesome to me...just for being awesome in general. When fandom makes me want to bleach my eyes out or tear some heads off, you guys make it better.

Plus, I am currently ninja-ing looks at fic for different fic-games and IT IS FANTASTIC STUFF.

And here is a quick note to the NOT always so awesome side of fandomwith illustrative pictures. )

Sorry about that. I just...Arashi makes me happy and the people that I've met thanks to them make me really happy. I hate seeing people tearing down the bonds that Arashi has with each other just for their 'pairing'. I know RPF is kinda squick-ish but for the love of all that is good and pure, they ARE real people and what they FEEL for each other IS REAL.

And now, some really retarded caps from Shukudai!

Omg you guys. Really? SERIOUSLY? )

And now, to do more Christmas shopping and general household duties. Expect more fic from me...soonish. Orz. Andii and Meg encourage me when they should say 'dude, NO'.
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First, though, I have to laugh about recent Game Nikki entries and Otonoha entries. I can't help but feel that, at Johnny's Entertainment, ANYTIME is a good time to tell an embarrassing story. Preferably one that'll reach a large audience. I...I really want Innochi to tell the story of how those pants got to Nino in the first place.

Secondly, Circe's life is eventful, but in a really boring way. I am scrolling back through the flist slowly but surely.

And now pictures! Under the cut to spare your flist page.

Not really a LOT of pictures, but you never know who might have dial-up. )

And on the latest episode of Shukudai you can actually hear Nino's hand land on Ohno's ass before Ohno bats him off. (I kinda wanted to see Nino and Jun reading manga together the way he and Ohno did. Cuddle, you bitches.)

And in other news, expect fic from me either laaaaate tonight or sometime tomorrow.

ETA: Oh! Oh! I forgot! Edward and I went to see the Twilight movie because Ed loves bad movies and I love Robert Pattinson. And I remembered all over again why I love my husband. At the end of the movie he turns to me and says ' she wants to be cold cocked?'.
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Actually, I dropped my jump drive at the school while registering my kids so I'm waiting for them to open so I can get it back and post that Kabuto thing. That will teach me to clip it to my keychain in order to keep track of it!

So instead, have some random Arashi pic-spam.

It's actually less 'random' and more 'Arashi/Utaban OTP!' )

Okay, so more from me later~!
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Not Becky's fault, though! This is random Arashi spam because my C-D-G no Arashi (volumes 1 and 2) arrived today and I have some thoughts on this.

1: So, apparently somebody used to think it would be a great idea to give Aiba stuff like liquid nitrogen and a blow torch. And while I know that Aiba is an adult and that he understands caution and appropriate behavior I still can't help but think '...they gave Aiba liquid nitrogen and a blow torch and let him go'. ILU Japan.

2: Arashi members are such boys. Example! Aiba has some really weird, freaky eggs which they aaaaaaaallllll get to eat. Nino eats a piece and promptly spits it out. Aiba eats a section and promptly spits it out. So what does Jun do? Makes the :D :D :D face and feeds it to everybody else! And they all let it happen. Later, Jun will lose janken and have to eat the egg nobody wants to touch because just the smell makes them gag. He immediately SPITS IT ON THE GROUND. Sho then picks up the other half of the egg and puts it in his mouth. Seriously. BOYS.

3: 'Did you just use that spoon? Feed another member from that set of hashi? Drink directly from that bowl? Use that cup? Take a bite out of that particular piece of food? Lick that? Whatever, let me at it.' (And all I can say is :D :D :D You guys are adorably gross.)

4: As much as I think they all need to, you know, have a damn sandwich, I don't have to worry about them eating because members like to feed each other.

Observe the spammage. I'm only half an hour in, people. )

Sue me. I think it's heart-attack-inducingly cute when they feed each other random things. And it's adorable that they will eat anything that Aiba has made no matter how weird it is. 'Oh, Aiba, you just dug this out of the sand right in front of us? Okay!'

5: I...I liked Aiba's hair dark and kinda long. Also, Ohno's black hair is awesome.

6: My dvds came with stickers.


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