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I love you, kids.

(Three more days of opening the store, three more nights of Faith closing it down and needing a ride. Sleep would be so nice.)
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The post, the replies. This is part of why I never go to that comm any more.

(The other part is the fic. Oh. My. God.)
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I like [ profile] stormy_team.

Maybe it's because I've never been in any other fandom that required subs (that weren't already out there legally). Maybe it's because I've never felt abused by them (as I didn't do anything, obviously they're not talking to me) and they've always treated me kindly, sometimes replying to my thanks to thank me. Maybe it's because I DO have to depend on them and so far they haven't let me down.

Are there problems? Sure. They might use the word 'team' but basically they're a committee. Not everybody can be [ profile] taijiproject and made of pure win (my love for her, it is an epic thing of epicness). But they're still getting subs out. They have a good quality control in place. There was a slow time and they worked to fix that. There were staff changes and they worked to smooth that out. They've had fights within, they've made dumb choices, they sometimes DON'T listen to each other. This is a committee and that is how they work. But they work.

Do they have strict rules? Team logos? Reminders not reupload/stream in the subs?



They do this in their spare time. They don't get paid. They spend hours doing this for nothing. I could not have these things if they didn't do this. Do you understand what this means? My family, my other-kids, and I spend hours watching stuff they put out and we laugh and we fall in love with Arashi all over again. This wouldn't happen without the people in this fandom who do this FOR NOTHING AT ALL. I don't see why they can't ask for some thanks. And I don't see why they shouldn't get pissed when their hard work goes out in a way that they can't control.

Can they control it? No, of course not. There are people out there who will lie and do it anyhow. Are they overreacting? Sometimes, sure--but who hasn't been in a situation that escalated without them meaning it to? Are they much more casual about it now? I think so. Again, not everybody can be Taiji-Becky.

I'm not directing this at anybody on my flist or anybody out there in general. I just felt like I'm the only one who actually likes them and, with no reservations, appreciates what they do and I wanted to say so in public. I don't care who dislikes them, who hates them, or why. You've got your reasons and they ARE valid and that IS all right and I DO understand. But the number of people I've seen badmouthed in this fandom who are actually awesome people? The number of people that I've been warned against who are actually amazing? Yeah.

Thanks, [ profile] stormy_team. From me, from my family, from my neighborhood kids--thank you from the bottoms of our sparkle-filled hearts. We couldn't have got here without you (and [ profile] taijiproject and a lot of others, but you're right in there!).

Comments off because I am not going to discuss this. These are my feelings and, as much as they are the most unpopular fannish opinion ever, they're not going to change. Your feelings are yours and they won't change either and that's the way it should be.
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Thinking about concert goods today and you know what they SHOULD make? Arashi soap. Individual member-soap and group-soap! In their colors! With their names (or the band name) on them! Would that not be awesome?

Take your next bath with Arashi!


Sep. 15th, 2010 09:55 pm
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It's Arashi Day!

Eleven years ago today, five kids from Japan made a nerve-wracking debut aboard a cruise ship near the big island of Hawaii. They didn't know where they were going to go or just how they were going to get there, but they went out every day and did their best--despite doubts and fears and tiredness and injury and illness and heartbreak--and they did it by being themselves.

I could say a lot about where they are today--two Asian tours, three years at Kokuritsu, twice hosting 24hr TV, Kohaku uta Gassen, 20 consecutive number one singles, top two singles of the year, top three spots on sales charts--but mostly where they are today is together. And they're in my heart.

Arashi, I love you. I wish you nothing but happiness and joy in the coming year.

Oh? And this?

Yeah. Never change, kids.
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First: Happy birthday, Matsumoto Jun! There will be cake to celebrate. Because that's the new family tradition (family plus other kids, I do mean)--have cake for Arashi members' birthday.

WE LIKE CAKE, OKAY? Cake and Arashi. Don't judge.

The other part of this post is sort of for Becky.

Arashi is a cool name for a band, okay? It's awesome.

Except for the fact that if you're Japanese you're not hearing it as 'Arashi' you're hearing it as 'storm'.

And 'Storm' is a lame name for band. It is the biggest, fattest, most loser-y name for a band that you could ever come up with. Foreigner? Air Supply? Bad English? Scandal? They're all better than 'Storm'. Storm is what twelve-year-old kids name a band and think it is Badass. I'd be embarrassed to say 'my favorite band is Storm!' because it is that bad of a name. Wow, it's just awful.

Yet somehow, even knowing how terrible it is, I love that loser name. I love that my favorite band is a bunch of regular guys with an awful name that probably embarrassed the crap out of them when they were younger and cared about being 'cool'. I love that the name sounds cool to non-native speakers and LAMEASS to people who know the language and they're popular anyway. They make it WORK.

In some strange way the stupid name 'Storm' is the best and only name for this group and all the things, all the feelings they bring out in me and in every one of their fans.

I love you, Storm Arashi, despite your dumb name.
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I would like to name the Fish AU and the Sex-demon AU because it seems I am going to keep writing things in those worlds. I am fail.

So please help me name them!

ETA: If you look here in the comments you wil SEE FISH!NINO. Because [ profile] gimmick_game LOVES ME. And I love her. My passion, it is uncontainable.
ETA: And now there is NINO WITH CHINEN. It is a thing of beauty.

No Ticky! )
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It's gone nearly half past one in the morning. So far:

1: I've fic ninja'd my last two entries.

2: I've made an igoogle note about porn.

2a: It's under-aged Ohmiya porn.

3: Debated doing [ profile] je_holiday. ETA: DAMN IT. My love for a certain somebody, it is epic and deep.

4: Started furiously writing extras on my fqfest fic--because I don't want to be totally ashamed and want to have something to offer all of you and my recipient in apology.


6: Made a second, porn-related note on my igoogle sticky note.

7: Recalled that Zel hates me and saved the proof of her hate to my desktop.

Obviously, somebody should stop me.

Except who would write the porn? ;_______;

Quick egg

Apr. 14th, 2010 09:59 pm
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Adopt one today!

Instead of writing I decided that I would get a really bad cold! Who doesn't want to be miserable instead of productive? I have been working through it and so, when I come home, I pretty much collapse with Ed and kids and sleep while they watch a movie or play FFXIII.


I'll be back around soon, I hope.
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Talking to people about this but:

I would totally put a banner on my fics if I could write chaptered fics. Or if I could make graphics. I would slap banners on every AU I ever wrote. I wouldn't post them to COMMS, mind you, and I might even put them under the lj cut... but I would be on that like frosting on a cake.

I'm STILL on cloud nine because of my new icons.

(Ps. Possibly there will be fic tomorrow.)
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Adopt one today!

Plz clickie mah eggie?

ETA: Some stuff about Circe's real life. )

Long story short? ILUGUYS but I'm going to be scare on the ground for a while until I get adjusted to the new additions to the routine.
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Okay, okay, nobody has to tell me that Arashi no Shukudai-kun ending is not the end of the world. I know it's just a television show and that they end all the time. I know Arashi isn't ending.

Ramblings about AnS )

/teary-eyed sap-dripping
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I'm so happy for you, bb. I know you're exhausted and have tons to do but I hope you enjoy the process as much as you can. Your first house! Time to run wild!
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REQUEST: I feel the urge to write Nino/Ohno/Sho (or Nino-Ohno-Sho) fic but I seem to be unable to write without a solid prompt. If you lovely people out there would like to drop off OT3 prompts for me (or OT3 drama-based or AU-based) prompts I would appreciate it very much.

Now! To catch up on the flist and maybe some e-mails. Note to Circe: Please don't ever get your computer that infected ever again. Being without net and writing program really sucked and we did not love the hell out of that. Love, Me.


Jan. 16th, 2010 03:58 pm
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In memory of family and friends who have lost the battle with cancer; and in support of the ones who continue to conquer it! Post this on your LJ if you know someone who has or had cancer. 93% won't copy and paste this. Will you?

I find things all the time. A penny on the sidewalk. Lost pets. Stuffed animals that my kids have lost. Barbie shoes and lego bits. Moldy apple cores that my kids have hidden under the couch. I find stuff at my job all the time--mostly old shopping lists and mittens.

Today I found a business card for a hematologist. One who worked in a pediatric oncology unit. There's only two reasons for a person to be carrying a card like that. 1: They are the good doctor. And 2: Their child probably has cancer.

Since I found it in the ladies room and the doctor listed was male, I think it's safe to assume it was the latter rather than the former.

I think this is the saddest thing I've ever found.

ETA: On a 'hell, life is funny' note

Jillian, who is five, came up to me and said "I like Sho best because he has a cool name. But I like Matsujun's hair a lot" and then wandered away again.
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I have the best flist on the planet. You have made me smile, laugh, and go teary-eyed with your birthday wishes both public and private. I will always cherish them and all of you.

To celebrate being thirty-two (haha, I'm older than Meg! ...wait) I am going to let anybody out there request a drabble off of me. Just name me a fandom a character/person or pairing, and a prompt (be it words, ideas, pictures, or songs). I can't promise to get to them right away but get to them I shall.

Because I love all of you and I am so very, very lucky.

Now for a ramble about my real-life. )

My goal for the new year is to hang out online a little more and be with the awesome people that Arashi has given to me. That is truly how I think of all of you--a precious gift from my dear Arashi. You make me that happy.
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Thanks to Zel I now have the 'Making of' video for the My Girl PV. God, they are cute dorks and Jun is adorable. Also: I SAW YOU TWO HOLDING HANDS UNDER THE TABLE, OHMIYA. (13:54)

I would buy more LEs if they came with 'making of' footage. I love backstage stuff.

Aaaaand a quick five-minute fic.

Right this way... )

Well fuck.

Aug. 30th, 2009 09:00 pm
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Cut for really serious real-life stuff. It is NOT HAPPY NEWS so do not read it if you want to stay happy for a while. )

I don't know what to do so I guess I'll just do my best.

Comments are off just because I don't know what to say to anybody about it and, having been in the position before, I know you guys don't really know what to say either.
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With many thanks to [ profile] mklutz I have discovered that somebody called blck_drgnfly has published my Holic fic over at a place called 'Feedbooks'. My name is still attached as the author and, as far as I can tell, there is no CHARGE for the downloads but...yeah. Some of it is in an anthology! [ profile] orpheneritus made an informative post about it here.

So it looks like if you wrote Holic/TRC fic you might want to have a look to see if you're there. Link to find yourself?

Off the top of my head [ profile] rallamajoop, [ profile] hydr0phobia, and [ profile] evherie have stuff there, too. Meg, I think you're clear. I left a comment on one of them and contacted the site guy, we'll see what happens.

I'm flattered that somebody liked it enough to want to share it with people but I find the method kinda strange. For the record: I don't mind if anybody links to my stuff--I don't even need to know about it. I WILL mind if you lift it wholesale and post it in other places. Not that I think any of you would.
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So Skyla is doing better now that her mom moved out. This is awesome!

Brittney just moved in with us for...pretty much the foreseeable future. This is very odd. I knew she and her dad fought a lot but I didn't know it was so bad. Today she ran away from home and tried to hitchhike thirty miles to her mom's place. She refused to go to her dad's. Her mom can't take her (for some reason) and so the Sheriff brought her to us.

Tomorrow I get to talk to her mom and figure stuff out but there is an excellent chance that we'll have her for the entire school year. There is also a good chance that we will have her for the next three years after that and into her post-high school/university years.

Sunday night Ed and I rounded up the kids, Ashley and Brittney and headed out for (free!) custard. I had zero inkling that things were this bad and if you had told me that I would end up with 'lawful custody' of Brit I would never have believed it. Finances are in a pinch but...well, Ed and I like kids. We both think teenagers are fun. We'll manage.

In other news: Faith's hamster is really a cat. He's nearly two and he still likes to get out of his cage. The six cats we still have like to surround him when this happens. And play with him. He lives on still. Sure, he's a little goofy in his old age, but he is hale and hearty after some seven or eight go-rounds with the cats. That is one ballsy hamster, I tell you.

ETA: HOLY CRAP. I suddenly have a metric fuckton of e-mail from LJ. Methinks it has been stopping my mail. I will get back to people as I can. Way to go, LJ! Like I didn't feel behind before!

ETA I JUST REMEMBERED: Arashi/EXTREME FOOD OTP. I love [ profile] flange5 a lot.


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