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Title: Teach your language to me
Rated: PG-13
Warning: Not really?
Pairing: Ohno/Sho
Prompt: English lesson
Summary: Me love you long time. Or something. Just take your damn pants off.

Is it rainy or sunny? Um…yes? )
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Title: An Anti-Clockwise Event
Rated: G
Warning: Nope
Pairing: Ohno/Aiba (gen)
Prompt: Losing Track of Time
Summary: Together they can make time stand still.

An Anti-Clockwise Event )
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I can't write lately. It took me forty-five mintues to write this for [ profile] rainbowfilling. And it shouldn't have. It really, really shouldn't have. I'm not even that happy with it. I just wanted to do SOMETHING. Argh.

Title: Above us, only sky
Rated: G
Warning: No?
Pairing: Ohno/Jun
Prompt: Speechless
Summary: Into the wordless, soundless blue beside you.

Above us, only sky )
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I meant to post this sooner than this. >.< Failure, thy name is Circe. I love you guys. I'll get back to you tomorrow (or Saturday).

For now:

Title: MomoMasaki and the Journey to the West
Rated: G
Warning: None?
Pairing: Aimiya with hints of Aiba/Jun?
Prompt: Fairy Tale AU
Summary: Putting Aiba in a giant peach can't really lead to any good, can it?

MomoMasaki and the Journey to the West )
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Final day of voting! for the [ profile] shoneenclub June/July contest. Go read some fic and vote on it! Or just vote randomly! Voting is fun and empowering!

Also, you must click this picture to find the awesomeness that lives on the other side of the rainbow.
Rainbow Filling: an Arashi Rare Pair Challenge!

(Okay, okay, it's about Arashi rarepair bingo.)

This is my card under the cut! )

Normally I have fic with my pimping but it has not been an easy past few days and I'm a bit tapped out. But please go vote at the contest and enjoy checking out the comm!

Short thing that is not rarepair at all. )


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