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Randomly: You know what the internet needs? A random sexual-action generator. Like a title generator only it spits out a sexual act or position instead of a title. TELL ME I'M WRONG.

In other news, I am in a total writing slump as many of you know. Sometimes I will hit you up for things—songs or words or lines or images—in an effort to use you for inspiration or motivation.

Tonight's victim was one of my favorite men, [personal profile] bamcycle. Probably not used the way you expected, but thank you. ♥

This Means War fic. That is not porn, sorry. )

Aaaand a short bit that is actually RPG based! )
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On the reading front!

For your reading pleasure, both [ profile] shoneenclub and [ profile] je_fqfest are posting right now! RIGHT THIS SECOND THERE IS FIC. You should go and read it! (Also: [ profile] ninoexchange and [ profile] je_otherworlds have posted/revealed! There is some AMAZING FIC offered there.) Take time to tell an author or two that you liked what you read--a line or two or even just 'I liked this!' can mean a lot to a person.

Happy people write more fic, yo.

On the writing front!

Rarepair challenge! That link will take you to the fantastic [ profile] elfiepike's journal and to a discussion about rare pairings in the Arashi fandom. The idea here is a bingo-card surrounding the. BUT! It's still in the IDEA stage. Dudes, you could get in on this on the groundfloor and throw some ideas (and prompts! lots of prompts!) around! You could help get these rare pairs the hookups they deserve. Possibly they don't even have to be romantic pairings!

I think it's a great idea and I think you should go spam Elfie with your thoughts on this matter! There is also a comm but I am not linking to it yet because I am EVIL.

And: In a previous entry I mentioned writing original fic. This is still something I'm interested in but I have no set plans about ANY of it. I'm way to lazy to actual run things. One thought is to have a comm that is all about posting original fic and maybe--if you ask nicely on your post--getting concrit. Otherwise, just praise! But for those people who need a prompt or a deadline, this wouldn't work. And I admit, there are times I need both of these things. In that case I wonder if something like [ profile] imaginarybeasts wouldn't be best.

Honestly? I want to write original stuff but I don't want to lead or mod a comm. I'm too lazy and I have a crushing fear of being expected to be a 'fandom leader'. I had enough of that in other fandoms. I just want to enjoy writing. So if anybody wants to make a comm, cool. If anybody wants to submit to Bang*Bang or The Book, let me know! We can be writing buddies!

Normally I'd package my pimping with some fic but it's been SO hot and humid these last few days and I DO NOT have air-con that I haven't actually slept for more than a few hours in the last few days. I'm too tired to write anything real.

So. Three minute orignal thing? )


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