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It's my first day off in two weeks and I have a ton of stuff to write. So, instead, the first five (or possibly ten) people get a 100 word (round aboutly, that is) drabble. Leave me a name and/or pairing, and a prompt--words, pictures, songs, whatever.

1: Bones' FML life for [ profile] lazulisong

2: Score one for the fangirl!Sho for [ profile] blood_opal

3: Drunken Arashi Love Sho for [ profile] inuhariko

4: Nino loves Sho for [ profile] swan_song37

5: No YTM for [ profile] flange5

6: Guitar Hero/Nino OTP for [ profile] gimmick_game

7: Sakumoto crushes for [ profile] tangiblewhimsy

8: A bit of Holic for [ profile] akayalovesyaoi

9: Merlin and Arthur have a chat for [ profile] starsystems

10: Yamapair love bubbles for [ profile] font
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I know. I haven't felt like the computer or the fandom in ages. RL is made of suck at times.

If you wanted to view this as mild Doumeki/Watanuki, you probably could. Whatever floats you.

The end of the world was in Doumeki's hand. )
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A piece of crossover that wouldn't leave me alone--spoilers for Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest and for Volume Eight of XXXHOLiC.

Destiny )
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Meg will recognize this for the cheat it is. The truth is that I wrote this several weeks ago and not today--but I edited it today, so does that count a little?

A Desire Softly Sleeping )

I thought about it a little bit and, since I'm giving you a cheat, I decided to give you TWO cheats. This is another thing I wrote for Meg in the run up to December 12th. I edited this one a bit today too. I bet you can guess by the title what might happen.

A Fish that Watched Us *beep*ing )
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Originally I picked this idea up from Meg. Ages ago. In fact, it was while I was working on the research for it that I wrote something for Becky that ran along the same ideas (and was some of the only het I wrote last year!). And though that story came from this one, this story is almost (but not quite) its continuation. What I'm trying to say is, if you like this story, you should thank Meg! Before I kill her for this! Because I…I'm now addicted to 'Dancing with the Stars' on Youtube. She needs to die.

Memories and Dancing )
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Oh yeah, you read that right. A Holic/FF crossover. I WANT MY QUARTER, MEGHAN.

Chocobos Racing )
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I had zero time in November, which is only meaningful in relation to my ability to write for [ profile] 31_days. I loved almost every day—and started fics for a good many of them—but never was able to finish. This fic was originally started for the sixth: Come with me, under my coat. (For those interested, yesterday's offering had been the idea for the eighteenth: bergamot and vetiver.)

ETA: For the record, this is all ONE story and not a series of drabbles. Consider it a series of snapshots in their lives that lead to, well, the last bit.

(Un) Deniable Loves )
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More requests. Several, in fact, because some of the stories requested really had no place to go in my head. My brain just sort of looks at them and goes 'they're done' and leaves me to hang. At least I'm not giving you all 'and they lived happily ever after, the end'.

Requested by [ profile] unpunished, this is the sequel to 'A Drink, A Bath, and Bed' (the first of my [ profile] 3measures fics). This fic could actually go places, but it'd be huge because of the slow progression they're in.

Couch? )

This one was requested by [ profile] arashia and is the sequel to my first-ever Doumeki/Watanuki fic, 'It's as easy as…'. This fic just…to me it ended where it ended. Watanuki knows. Doumeki knows Watanuki knows. Watanuki is pretty sure that Doumeki knows he knows. And they just don't talk about what they know. But I did have one or two things lying around, so…

The harder part )

And, finally, this untitled fic is not going to have a porny sequel even though they obviously just made it on the kitchen floor. Too bad! My porn-fu is being saved for other things right now. For [ profile] ladydarkmoon.

A not so infinite supply… )
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This is for [ profile] bastardlady's request. It's the sequel to the kimono sequel.
I had to write this thing THREE TIMES thanks to my computer being a mental midget. The final file is so corrupted that I can't even save it. Yay, Yellow, yay.

Oh, well. Happy belated Mother's Day.

Hang...over? )

Request up!

May. 8th, 2006 07:42 pm
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So another request is up. This is for [ profile] lineartone who wanted more of Watanuki and Baby Shizuka. Check the icon, people!

Baby Blues )
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This one is for [ profile] miyukis_4, who wanted to know what happened after On the Other Side of the Storm.
PS. also connects to The answer.

And so...
Life rages on )
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I invited you lot to pick a story and bid me continue on as to what happened after that. Well, you did. And I did. Meet results one and two. Three, four, and five are on the way. Ten spots remain open.

[ profile] ickaimp asked for a follow up to a donut I ninja'd at [ profile] ysabet. She even made art for it! I squeaked at her, I think.

The after effects of drinking... )

ETA: The above story has a sequel: and it's porn so be careful, kids.

And this one is a follow up to Ocean, as requested by [ profile] ii_hanashi.

Ocean's Undertow )
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Happy birthday to you,

Happy birthday to Amy too,

It's belated

because I'm stupid,

Happy birthday to you!

Excerpted from the CrankyVampire!Watanuki fic. Shut up and appreciate it because it's all I've got! )
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This is for Auntie Becky (whom I don't know at all outside of the one time Meg refered to an 'Auntie Becky' in 31-Days). Because I've just discovered [ profile] tomomichi and she says things about my fic that make me go a Li-kun Sakura-just-spoke-to-me-and-Daidouji-is-sparkling-at-me shade of red. In a good way. And Meg rec's me. I die of happy feelings.

It's short because I'm both tired and busy )
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Well, this is going up just because I'm bored AND exhausted. I wrote it in less than half an hour, so you know...the chances of this being GREAT are sort of slim. Still, it's fic. It's got the Zashiki-Warashi in know.

I don't know what I'm trying to say. I'm tired. There's fic under this cut. That's all you need to know. )
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Life continues to attempt drowning me with piles of laundry and other forgotten chores. But I had to take a break and when I did, Tomoyo knocked on the door.

Ps. Fic has shades of TRC (which, given the Xxxholic is sort of a given).

I need a title for this, I suppose... )


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