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RL Update: Things are not at all better. I'm not sure if this feels unreal or unavoidable now.

I meant to post all of this here yesterday but forgot about it once I got the poll up on LJ. So. If you'd like, there is an lj poll regarding Inception big-bang ideas right here. I could use ideas and/or working brains to do thinking for me.

And now, because I like to package asking you for things with fic, a bit of Finding Nino. This is for Leader, who once said she wanted to see Nino give in.

Let's see if I remember how to do this... )
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For those of you who have listened to me bitch and cry about FQFest, thank you. I made it. I lived through it. If I ever again get the urge to scrap the entire story, stay up for two days straight, and write thirty pages in thirteen hours I hope that you will kill me and save yourselves.

So! To celebrate my own insanity I am writing even MORE fic. First, I am reminding everybody of the contest at [ profile] shoneenclub (for which I am writing) and then I am subjecting you to X-Men: First Class fic even though I've only seen the movie once.

I make no excuses for my behavior. I've slept since then. )
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Please. Please write me some fic for this contest. I really need some fic to make up for what I've written. It doesn't have to be long, just ShoMiya. Please write me some fic before you kick me out of fandom?


Nov. 30th, 2009 12:13 pm
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So I finished my [ profile] je_holiday fic (the first one, Andii, not the other one) and I...I am really not very happy with it.

I'm going to try to finish the other one tonight or tomorrow and maybe I'll like that one better but for now if there is anybody who wants to read and possibly do a fast and nasty beta let me know. I work this afternoon/evening so it might be a while.

*scrubs brain* I think I'm just plain worn out, fic-wise.

Not that it will stop me from trying to have something for THIS:

I saw mommy
kissing Santa Claus

I think I might have an idea, actually. Now it's a matter of crying my way through it.
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It's my first day off in two weeks and I have a ton of stuff to write. So, instead, the first five (or possibly ten) people get a 100 word (round aboutly, that is) drabble. Leave me a name and/or pairing, and a prompt--words, pictures, songs, whatever.

1: Bones' FML life for [ profile] lazulisong

2: Score one for the fangirl!Sho for [ profile] blood_opal

3: Drunken Arashi Love Sho for [ profile] inuhariko

4: Nino loves Sho for [ profile] swan_song37

5: No YTM for [ profile] flange5

6: Guitar Hero/Nino OTP for [ profile] gimmick_game

7: Sakumoto crushes for [ profile] tangiblewhimsy

8: A bit of Holic for [ profile] akayalovesyaoi

9: Merlin and Arthur have a chat for [ profile] starsystems

10: Yamapair love bubbles for [ profile] font
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[ profile] je_fqfest entry has been sent in. Panic is fun!

Voting at [ profile] sei_shoku might or might not be over but everybody should wander over and check out the entries. Mmm,fic.


Finally: Eventually I will get to replies--but I am really bad at it. I never know what to say.
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I hate [ profile] sei_shoku. Mostly because of the BTW and the way people keep feeding my brain tasty snacks that makes it VOMIT UP FIC.

I am never talking to the internet again.*

*This is big fat lie. I will talk to The Road Trip AU any time. Also: Liron.


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