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Happy birthday, Erica!

As with the previous ficlet, I have no clue where this came from. Just know that I love you and that knowing you are out there, being you (and sometimes being Yamada Tarou--and where the HELL is your Mimura? She should be here by now!) makes me happy. Happy birthday!


It's the twenty-fourth of August and Aiba suddenly thinks 'oh! I've missed Obon' to himself. He says aloud a moment later, "Obon is over." In the back of the van, Ohno and Sho sleep, leaning against each other and holding each other up. Nino, just behind him, makes thumb-click noises and mutters, "Mom and sis did it at the end of July."

One seat ahead and one seat over, Jun turns to look at him. He is serious beneath his sunglasses. "Why do you care?" he asks.

Aiba looks back out his window. "I just remembered, that's all." When he doesn't hear Jun turn away again he smiles, seeing his face reflected in noon-lit glass. "Matsujun will come to visit and light lanterns for me, right?"

"That's morbid," Jun says. It is loud enough to make both Ohno and Sho stir.

Nino keeps clicking away but says, "I will graffiti up your name on the marker."

"It will say 'Aiba wasn't here'," Ohno puts in. He sounds tired, but awake.

"That's morbid," echoes Sho.

Aiba keeps smiling out the window. "It's okay if you forget and come late," he says to nobody in particular. He thinks it might be even better if they forget and come late. It will mean that they're busy and happy and living.

"Don't say that," asks Jun softly. "Don't talk about dying."

He wasn't, not at all, but Aiba understands Jun. "I won't," he says. Then. "Maybe we'll all die together in a horrible car accident."

"That's even worse!" Sho is aghast.

"We could die right now," observes Ohno. "Since we're all together."

"Oh my god," Jun says. He looks wild-eyed at the window.

Nino almost wrecks everything by nearly choking to death on his own spit as he laughs.

"It could be a plane crash," Aiba offers helpfully.

The world outside the window keeps going by and Aiba makes a mental note to himself to go visiting when he gets home again. He thinks his family will understand about his being so late. He is busy living and being so, so happy.

He laughs out loud.
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