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So I was writing TWO things for Becky's birthday--partially because they had nothing to do with what she asked for and partially because they were based on a conversation we had. I didn't finish them both in time for the day but that's okay! Becky is awesome enough to have TWO days of presents.

And if she doesn't like them, I shall simply do better next year. ♥

Parisian Kagami/Renge )
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So, I only managed to finish one-half of your present. It's nothing that you asked for but something that we'd talked about before. The OTHER half should be finished tomorrow. I just didn't have time today.

But I love you and I am glad I know you even if you DO drag me into fandoms. Tiny fandoms. Fandoms so small that I have to write fic because there are only ten of us and only half of us write things. THIS IS TRUE LOVE, BECKY.

Anyhow! The first half of your present!

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This is a tiny, tiny snippet... )

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I still love Kamen Rider Kabuto with all of my heart.

Too bad I wrote this fic in five minutes because I really love Tendou and Kagami more than that implies.

Title is from a 'find a random Japanese word' google search! )
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A long, long, LONG overdue present for Becky. I love you so much more than this suggests.

Kabuto fic: Present giving is hard sometimes )

...and LOVE

Dec. 7th, 2009 02:20 pm
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I saw mommy
kissing Santa Claus

I'm not sure what's going on but today when I checked my e-mail I had six v-gifts. I think I missed a meme or something but whatever it was THANK YOU. I love you guys, too. In fact, if you sent me a snowflake and would like to leave me a character/pairing and a prompt I would like to write you each a drabble.

Randomly: Dear to f-list: Thank you for being on the internet. ♥

Now, back to cookie making for the kids' school concert bake-sale. (Note to self: Never again try to make snowflake cut-outs with the almond cookies This will always end in tears.)
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I just really feel like I can't write at all lately. Which is bad because I have [ profile] je_holiday to do. ACK. ONE MONTH. So, again, I gave myself five minutes and told myself to just write whatever the hell I could.


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Meme fics!

Jan. 15th, 2009 01:41 pm
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SWEET ZOMBIE JESUS. It is cold. (It is -9F/-23C and has been like this for a few days and will be like this tomorrow, too.)

But! That's not what you're here for! What you ARE here for are the drabbles--which might actually not be drabbles. Orz.

Chain unbroken )

This Magic Moment )

Different, yet still the same )

Pluck YOU )

Practice makes perfect )


I should be back in a few days with actual fic. If you see a glaring error, let me know. I typed it right in the update window because my word program is being a bitch.

Day Four

Jan. 2nd, 2009 05:11 pm
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There are probably several factors contributing to my lack of Kamen Rider Kabuto writing—which makes me sad because it's a damn good show. I love the characters. I want to write them. I hope to do more of that in 2009.

For now, Day Four shall have to do.

Big Brother )

Um. Okay, so that was not the fic I sat down to write. At all. Let's try that again, shall we?

The one in which Kagami gets his ass kicked )

;__; Expect 'day five' later tonight and for me to actually be around online tomorrow afternoon. Also: THOSE LINKS. Later tonight or tomorrow. PS. [ profile] waxrose loves me. ♥ (NINO WAS THE CHRISTMAS TREE. MY HEART. IT IS YOURS.)

And now, I have to go make dinner. Why do my kids always want food?
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Yay! I got a new laptop! Sort of. It's one of the ones that the hospital Edward works for was getting rid of. I've been transfering data between Cid and Hiyori (she runs Vista, okay? I found it fitting.) so I didn't get a lot of work done. Apparently, you can't transfer data between drives and still use a computer.

At any rate! This is Meg's request. I'll have Becky's tomorrow plus some other stuff. More Arashi and KRK, I think. (May I hopefully one day finish the Gon/Daisuke thing; I'm at -10 start at this point. I have trashed at least twenty pages of stuff for that fic already.) Enough prattle! On with the fic!

[ profile] lazulisong is brilliant. And I love her very, very much. FOREVER. ♥ ♥ ♥
Prompt: Gatack's Day Out: The Zectors follow their humans around and wonder what in the hell they're even doing. And then Kagami kisses Tendou and Gatack incorrectly concludes it's fighting and tries to help.
The Dating Lives of Tiny Robotic Bugs and Other Things ZECT Never Considered )
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So I got my jump drive back. The stay at the school did nothing to improve the story. I just have a really, really hard time writing Kabuto fic. I never feel like I'm catching the characters. At any rate, this is not the Gon/Daisuke + 10 years fic. This is something that came to mind while tinkering with that (probably about trashed-draft five?). So though it will never come up, this is backstory to that.

Dust and the scent of Summer )
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For Meg, because I love her so and because June is sort of sucking for her. *Pets Meg* You get my first Kabuto anything ever. So if it sucks a lot...well...I'm leaving something in your comments anyhow that is even MORE retarded and much shorter!

Wanna taste it? )

I kinda want to headdesk myself a lot. For this and for this. BUT ILU MEG.


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