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The short answer is no. The longer answer is: I probably should add the porn to my [ profile] bigbang_mixup. I hate writing porn. ;__;

Normally I do a link roundup of comment fics at the beginning of the year. I ralphed on Taiyou and that didn't happen. But hey, Mycroft here is willing to work with me!

A slow year, spam-wise )

My favorite fic (of my own) from last year is undoubtedly French Revolution. I enjoyed the hell out of writing it and, in glancing back at it, I'm still satisfied with it.

Erm. Now have some 'This Means War' fic. SHUT UP, DUDES, I ALREADY KNOW.

This means Bangladesh )
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Happy New Year, everybody! Last year was full of good things and bad things, great things and small things. There was sadness and their was happiness but most of all, there was love. This year, I'm sure, will be full of the same things and also full of all of you. For that I am grateful and honored.

But that's not why you're all here! No, no, you've come for my yearly round up of fic ninja-ing! And just where HAVE I dropped comment fic last year? I will tell you--a lot of it was with Becky. Damn, woman. AS ALWAYS: Some of this is in locked journals. I'm very sorry but I don't repost them. For me comment fic is done in the moment--it's typed in the comment window, it's dropped off wherever and whenever the inspiration strikes me. I never think to check if the entry is locked and I never look back. The list you're about to read was started last January first, just so I wouldn't have to go hunting for them in my memories.


To the DeLorean! )

AND that's that! Not a bad list, all in all. Really gay. Did I write ANY het? Aside from the Bieber?

ETA: [ profile] je_holiday is done posting fic (they finished DAYS AGO, yay!). THIS was the fic written for me. It is beautiful and I want you to go love on it. ♥ This is the list of Arashi-tagged fics. There are some BRILLIANT ones, so I suggest reading them. That's my goal for later. That and to leave comments. FYI: My favorite Hols fic of all time is still Are you there, Yoko? It's me, God.

Free fics!

Mar. 17th, 2010 04:08 pm
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FREE FIC. By which I mean 'contest entries at [ profile] shoneenclub are being posted now and you can go and read until your eyes fall out if you want'. And who doesn't want?

Thank you to everybody who wrote (especially those who caved to my constant crying). Mmmfic.

PS. Dear to LJ. I am really not loving your new interface bar. Stop that.

ETA: OHMIYA MARIO WII COMMERCIALS. I would watch a weekly television show with nothing but them playing Mario together like retards. They could have guests--like the rest of Arashi and Toma and TOKIO.
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Again with the Ohmiya prompt database.

FREE FIC. Okay, okay, so it's [ profile] tangiblewhimsy's prompt page. BUT. She is writing a drabble a day for March. And you can prompt her. And she may (or may not, I suppose) write your prompt. And there will be fic. WIN/WIN.



In real-life, I have four twelve year old girls and three fourteen/fifteen year old girls extra in my house. I don't know where everybody is going to sleep and I have to work early tomorrow but it sure is fun. Now, to lure those twelve year olds over to Arashi...
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As is my wont at this time of year I have gathered links of my fic ninja skillz.

Comment fics of 2009 )

Thank you for letting me spam you so much. I love you guys. ♥♥♥

And the list of stuff I left littered in my own comments! )
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I wanted to share a link with...well, pretty much anybody. Everybody gets irritated by n00bs sometimes--be they new to Arashi or LJ or whatever. I know I've gotten rude and uppity. But, at the same time, I've been here for so long (since codes, people) that I forget what it's like to be NEW to a place. Lurking is not always first nature to people (my nearly twelve-year-old, for one and my almost-nine-year-old for another). Sometimes its satifying to snap at the n00bs who are asking a question we've seen thousands of times or who can't seem to think to check the memories or tags. But in the end, as with so many things, it's generally better to take a breath and be polite (yeah, I hate that too, sometimes).

I know that I'm still grateful that nobody ever trashed my first attempts at Arashi fic (just a month or so into the fandom) for all the errors that were in there. And I knwo that I was lucky enough to get in (with my first journal) when this place was just being built so I wasn't alone in not knowing what to do--we were all making it up as we went along. So for anybody new to LJ who happens by here Welcome to LJ and Arashi: A Brilliant Primer by Erin.

THAT said: Seriously real life and summer sort of ate me. )

PS. Tegomass. Which one of them sounds like a girl when he sings?
PPS. I like the song Puzzle.

EVEN MORE PS: I feel bad for saying it but I would totally bang all of TOKIO and probably most of SMAP. Why don't I know anything about V6 aside from 'lolz, boygirls'?

FINAL PS: I feel like I keep missing my flist (because y'all are awesome). Post a comment and ask me what I think about whenever I miss you/am thinking about you away from LJ then, in my next post, I'll tell you what it is and I might even explain WHY!
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So the reveals are up at [ profile] je_fqfest. Without any bias whatsoever deliberation, I can say honestly that I love [ profile] moonbyrd.

Seriously, though, there was so really amazing fic porn offered up in that exchange. This is a link to all the Arashi stuff. I still mean to get around to reading all of it and commenting, though. I might not know the bands but I know good fic when I read it.

My recipient was [ profile] coiled_iris. I think I love her brain. Also, her comment.

Under the cut you will find my contribution. I decided to include all the title and pairing and rating and warning stuff because...well, I actaully have it written for once. Circe rejects giving you information unless forced!

Title: The Games He Plays

Pairing/Group: Arashi/Matsumoto Jun, Ninomiya Kazunari/Matsumoto Jun * Arashi (some bonus Toma thrown in as well)

Rating: SP. For Seriously Pornographic. There's a lot of porn in here.

Warnings: Heterosexual sex!!! Warning! Danger! Girl parts are mentioned! But it's all on the level of 'mention' so you should make it through all right. Mostly there is some sexual rough handling, mild bondage, and a touch of blood play. There is also a little exhibitionism/voyeurism, some cross-dressing, some quasi-threesomes and the abuse of at least one semi-public wall and a bathroom stall.

Summary: Jun plays a lot of games with his bandmates, but for his favorite game it can only be Nino.

Notes: For [ profile] coiled_iris: I wish I could have done more. ♥ ♥♥. To my beta (whom I can now reveal as the truly magnificent [ profile] waxrose): LOVE. BEYOND WORDS.

The Games He Plays )
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New stuff up at [ profile] arashiroadtrip. It's not the end, btw, just the awesome start of the next part of the trip.

Voting over at [ profile] shoneenclub. Even if you don't want to vote (why wouldn't you want to?) you should still go read the fic and look at the art. There is AWESOMESAUCE to be had. I'm tempted to know if anybody can guess what I wrote...only I have the feeling that it's probably pretty damn obvious.

[ profile] je_fqfest is still posting fics (at the rate of five a day). JE PORN. What's not to love? There's a nice set of tags to use to find whatever you're looking for but, more importantly, THIS was written for me. I find it to be beautiful and all sweet and hot. YES.
I cannot (nor would I) say which one I wrote (or whether or not its posted yet) but, again, I have the feeling that its pretty obvious.

Also: MEG. I love her brain. No, I don't think anybody would notice (or care) about McCoy's accent. And your pain tastes like sweet, sweet candy.

ETA: I removed the rant. It's really just self-indulgent crap. Long story short and still boring? )

The important part to remember? THOSE LINKS.
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Shoneen Contest Entries. Go and read the fic, stare at the art, you will love it. I promise.

And the first of the [ profile] je_fqfest entries are going up tonight.

Fic for everyone! Life is good today.

PS. I need a Toma icon. Must rememeber to look for one.

Will be back around the internet and able to make comments soon. Still rebuilding brain. ([ profile] beckerbell, I am looking at you.)
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He has cute hands
IT ENDS TODAY. *makes eyes at* You know I'd love you if you did it. YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO.

Also: To my dear [ profile] pink_tofu: HAPPY BIRTHDAY! YYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY
I'm sorry it's late and that your present will be even later (askdfjs;ldk I was hoping that I'd remembered your prompt wrong, but no. All six and a half pages of your present bit the big one along with 'Arashi has XXXXX and how they abuse them' and 'Five XXXXXs That Happened to Arashi' and many others). I WILL HAVE IT ASAP BECAUSE I LOVE YOU.

I will be back...eventually?
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Apparently when I have a looming deadline ([ profile] je_fqfest ;___;) I write over-emotional crap instead of crying and panicking like a normal person.

This relates to Aki's present but is not, alas, porno. I'm supposed to be writing porno (that is not related to Ohno's sex-demoning ways or the twisted things Jun did with those other two) but instead I wrote this.

At least I only wasted an hour?

More Than Heaven )

ETA: If anybody wants to read some actually awesome guardian angel fic, you can read this and the fic it links to. Because it is amazing--as Erin's work tends to be, I might add--and it is not nearly so heavy as this. Seriously, go give it a read.

ETA2: [ profile] karmade drew fanart for this. Why are people so amazing to me?
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Ah, I meant to pimp this earlier but...the short story contest [ profile] ohmiya ends today. Get an entry in if you can. ;___; I don't know that I will. My brain is sort of NOT WORKING.

[ profile] sei_shoku is also going to be runing a contest because Nino's birthday is coming up and
He has cute hands

Ps: Moar [ profile] shoneenclub spam, plz. C'mon, you guys know you want to write the Sho-Nino bffery.

ALSO. [ profile] ruisetsuna is fantastic. She drew Heart-shaped Ohmiya, girl!Ohmiya (yes, I like my boyband as girls), and animal!Arashi. And in between those is some Matsujun sparkling and some Aiba/Jun and HI I LIKE ART, OKAY?

Which reminds me that everybody should check out the art over at the Road Trip's Fanart Masterlist.

And regarding [ profile] arashiroadtrip... It really amazes me. It started as comment spam over at Tiina's and now it's 45 parts, has a word count of over 50k, and no real end in sight because there is so much we haven't explored (and other famous people we haven't roped in). And it's not like we plan things out as a group. I don't think anybody really talks to anybody about what's going to happen 'next' (sometimes 'next' is set years in the past) and somehow the whole thing just keeps going and keeps being awesome.
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First: Voting is going on over at [ profile] ohmiya. I will say that I'm not winning and neither am I close to winning. This doesn't bother me because some of the entries are really amazing and it makes me really want to work harder when I write.

Second: a;sdfjsdjf;lsfj [ profile] ruisetsuna did art for 'Heart-shaped'. It is AMAZING. It makes me inexpressibly happy. *________*

Third: Why is writing such a struggle these days? I gave myself a twenty minute time-limit today just to get something DONE and took a prompt off a list at [ profile] 31_days.

Here, have some random angst. )

If you take anything away from this post let it be this: a;lsdkfjdOMG ART. Plus, you know, there is GIRL!Aiba and Sho and some other pretty people that I don't know.
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First: The contest at [ profile] ohmiya You have three days (give or take) to join in on the drabbles. I would not say 'no' to Ohmiya drabbles. Just putting that out there.

Second: [ profile] sei_shoku, [ profile] shoneenclub, and [ profile] arashiroadtrip. I have been throwing fic at them. Some of it is porn. You have to join for the porn, though. SOME OF THAT PORN IS NOT WRITTEN BY ZEL. I PROMISE. IT WILL TOTALLY NOT MELT YOUR EYES. And somebody has said that if the Road Trip gets 100 watchers, there will be porn THERE too. Not that this is a hint or anything.

Third: My net was a sucking hole last night.

Fourth: Either LJ is a tool or my gmail is--but I got my net back this morning and found sixty-eight comment notices and some notices for PMs. Um. Some of them are OLD comments. I might respond to some of them, I might not. The PMs I will most certainly reply to. Hopefully tonight. orz orz orz ETA: Apparently, some of these are comments I replied to. I don't feel like such a total tool anymore.

Fifth: I seriously married a great guy. He spent the weekend dowloading Arashi PVs on the PS3. Though, I think I might have to kill him because he woke me up early Saturday morning to ask me if there were subs for 'Jun's drama thing' yet. And if I had the raws for Sho's. I MAY let him live because he didn't even blink at the Kitto Daijoubu PV. The only thing he wanted to know was why Nino had a stupid hat.

And now I am off to bake cookies. I should probably invest in health snacks for the 4k class but screw it. Everybody loves cookies.



ETA MORE: It strikes me that Road Trip AU Nino would probably actually spend money on a 'sperm dumpster' t-shirt just to see what the hell Jun and/or Sho did when they saw it. Possibly he would want to talk Aiba and Ohno into them as well. BECAUSE IT IS FUNNY. 'WHAT?! It's not like we're going to go out dinner together and wear them like club t-shirts!'
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Some of you might have seen me mention 'The Road Trip AU'. Some of you might have discovered that it was in a locked journal. Some of you may have wanted to claw my face off for talking about how freaking awesome it all is even though it is LOCKED and NOT EVERYBODY can get to it.

I am a cruel woman.

But thankfully, [ profile] 15th_moon, [ profile] waxrose, [ profile] primroseshows, [ profile] lady_gemma, [ profile] ferinough, and [ profile] cupcake4mafia are NOT that cruel! Hence there is now a community: [ profile] arashiroadtrip. We're slowly moving the bits (in the posted order) over to their so it's not complete. Also! There is a timeline! So that you can read them in chronological order. Red cars are working links, black cars are the bits that need to get filled in.

So far we're at 25 parts and over 20,000 words. And I'm pretty sure that we're not done.

On the writing front: ARGH. Writers block EATS MY SOUL. Road Trip is about all I've done lately. So, in the interest of fixing myself, I gave myself a time limit and decided that--should I not meet said limit--I would have no internet for a week. I made it but only just.

For Emily, who long ago told me: Nino/Aiba BFF-ery )


Mar. 21st, 2009 03:59 pm
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Normally I would not link to a comment fic here but I have to this time because it is the best way to get to Zel's porn. It is so a;ldjkfsl it's fucking awesome, okay? Skip my crap and head right for the good stuff omg.

I love the internet. I meet the best people ever.

(Also: I owe back comments everywhere but Zel is not the only person being amazing on my f-list. Seriously. Best. People. Ever. In the whole HISTORY of ever.)

ETA: I'm sorry...Zel did not write that fic. She would never, ever supply us with filthy, filthy porn. There is no way Zel would write hot boysex and give it to us. Never. She is not that type of girl.
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Namely, some of those over at [ profile] 15th_moon's place.


To Erica: *weeps bitter tears* I don't need another AU. Not even one where Nino makes Sho come screaming because he (and Aiba) are evil sex machines.


To everybody else: Up next on my list is Sho with his stripper pole, some backstage YamaTaro (yes, makeouts), and the AU-au. And then...Voice? Voice or Kabuto and then Uta no Oniisan. And that Arashi one with Machida. orz A-at least I might sprinkle in some crack here and there while I try to find my brain?

Also: I think [ profile] ohmiya is going to run a contest soon. I sort of forget that there are fic-comms out there. Some of them scare me. But I loves me the Ohmiya and hey, contest! I don't know if I'll write for it but I think it's still in the prompt collection stage. So who knows?

Finally! HEY BECKY. SOMEBODY ELSE WROTE VOICE FIC! Heeeere fandom, fandom, fandom. C'mon, fandom! See the shiny jdrama? See it? Go write fic for it!


Feb. 15th, 2009 12:08 pm
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a;dfj;ldk Sometimes forgetting that I have places to be and things to do is AWESOME. Because I surf the net and find things that are made of EPIC WIN. Case in point? Today's link.

[ profile] flange5 and [ profile] lockability's Epic PicWar featuring JE's Costume Hall of Shame.

I hurt myself laughing. Literally.

I love the JE costume designers FOREVER.
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I hate being sick. I am tired and miserable and sore and I wanted to make cookies for Amy and Meg. >.< Since I refuse to send them whatever black-death has come upon me, now I have to wait.

In the meantime I continue to watch dramas (and I'm not Getting Ideas stfu) and am now wondering what happened to my links to MnS. Jdramas tells me it is 404. I know there is more out there! Where are you, Mei-chan?

ohmiya is my valentine
this year i'm giving FIVESOME CHOCOLATES❤ to all my friends.

Deadline is approaching! 12th February!

I have two stories for [ profile] fivesomeaday and one for [ profile] ohmiyaday. I hope to have another Ohmiya story but we'll see how it goes. (Before you ask: NO, I didn't send them in yet. I'm doing my best to find all the stupid errors I make. You just wait. Bullies.)

SPEAKING OF BULLIES. I seriously know very, very little about TOKIO. Quit saying 'dude, that'd be awesome' at me. (I am going to start slamming my fingers in the laptop lid if I keep this up. It's hard to be SRS RITER when I'm going 'AND THEN NINO WAS THE BITCH AND SHO GOT LAID A LOT!' at the computer.)

Up next: Slogging away at the numerous bits of different stories that litter my documents folder.

ETA: To those of you I have been spamming: I am going offline now. I have the dinner-homework-storytime-bedtime thing to do. Also: I am half-dead with cold medicine. BUT! You have all made me feel better. I might be sick but I am happy. ♥
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Hey! Did anybody else notice that on VS Arashi 41 Sho and Jun were in perfect sync on their last shot during Jumping Shooter? I was impressed! I mean, it's stupid, right? But it looked cool. Yes, I am a huge nerd.

In other news: I am a huge bitch!

Later I will fill in this space with stuff about YTM (adjkf;lskjd I LOVE MAURICE FOREVER, YOU GUYS) and Voice, and Mei no Shitsuji Uta no Oniisan? No, wait, go to [ profile] beckerbell for most of that. I'm over there all the time anyhow (I'm in UR journal, commentin' on ur shows!) and she's got good recaps. But come back for the YTM? You can see how the last person on earth to watch this show feels about it!

ETA: Okay, my connection has been total crap for the last three hours. >.< So tomorrow you may have my thoughts on Things I Have Been Watching.

For now, have some really retarded fic that is COMPLETELY based on this picture and the fact that Erin and I are Bad Influences on each other.

I should probably be all 'orz orz orz' about this but I am easily amused so I'm sort of still ':D :D :D' over it.

ETA: I'm going to have to go looking for icons. YTM and UnO for sure. I am SO LAME. (I might want ones for MnS or Voice, too. SO LAME, U GUISE.)


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