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This is for [ profile] flange5, for being productive. This is also thanks to an old conversation that [ profile] lazulisong and [ profile] kegom had about mpreg. It has never left my mind. But no, I still don't know how the doctors would tell them.

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So a few of you might have heard me mention 'the mpreg fic'. This would be it.

I recently told [ profile] waxrose that most of my writing works only because I try really hard to live up to the standard set by the authors I love. This is mostly true. It's completely untrue that I try hard all the time. Case in point: this fic. This is just because there are days when I am retarded and easily amused.

Sometimes I think I have too much time on my hands. :D :D :D

Yes Sir, He's Having My Breakdown )

ETA: So, having watched the 24hr TV drama (yes, I cried and yes, I was mocked for it) I have to say that my very most favorite part? Is this:

Aya: I'm pregnant.
Hayato: *spits hotdog*
Circe: Lol!
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not to detract from the update that I JUST did a few hours ago but...

Welcome to my Mpreg-Day ficlets!

First up, KH2 mpreg for [ profile] lazulisong

Yes, but who is the MOTHER? )

And TRC mpreg for [ profile] lyzzle…and any other TRC lovers on my list.

That cad! )

And, finally, xxxholic mpreg for [ profile] hydr0phobia and those on my f-list who read holic. Doumeki/Watanuki because they're, like, the only boys IN that one.

Murder and the art of Zen pregnancy )


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