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Wow, I'm super late in getting in on this! BUT! If you want me to send you a card, drop your address into the (screened!) comments. Eventually a card from me will turn up in your mailbox...exciting, right?

IF you left me your address in years prior I will use that address so if it's changed, let me know. If you DO NOT want one, let me know that too!

AND IF YOU ARE NOT CELEBRATING CHRISTMAS: I will send you an appropriate holiday-of-your-choice card. OR I will send you a random card just to say hello and that I'm thinking of you if you have no holiday at this time.

Thinking on that...if you don't celebrate December holidays but have a big holiday at another time for which you'd like a card, let me know what and when!

As I'm waiting for an oil change I am not going to post any fic with this. Instead, have some holiday music fresh from Korea (S.M. Entertainment in particular).

(I love you, Luna~~!)

My new desktop )
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askdj;ldkj I AM NOT KIDDING.

Yesterday I got a package slip in the mail. As I'm expecting several things, I thought nothing of it and went to pick it up today after work.

It was not what I expected.

It was from Erica.


I actually might have even cried a little bit. I feel so loved and so honored and so...happy. Just plain, deep down happy with everything and everybody.

How on earth did I get so lucky that I got Arashi and her and all of you?

Erica, I'll send you a PM in a little bit (second day of Open House at school, have to go soon) but thank you. Thank you a million times. I love you.

I am so happy that not even a potentially not-able-to-be-glued-together Ohno can make me feel bad (I am hoping for the best. Stupid cat walking on shadow box and making it fall. Thank goodness Oh-chan was the ONLY casualty. Please work, airplane cement!).
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So I found Erin's offerings in the effort to help Japan going on over at [ profile] arashi_on and I ran for it like a mad thing and glommed on and I GOT A MANIP OF YESUNG AND MISONO TOGETHER.

It is beautiful and I love it and I am so, so, so happy. I love playing Misono and I love Misono with Yesung in our game (*cough[ profile] beinghuman_rpcough*). And now I have a picture of their tiny, happy family.

Click to see Erin's genius at work! )

And she was SO FAST. I am in awe. I love her.

Now, a twenty minute fic, idea to finish, with an idea from my own Meisa! )
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So we've all heard about the earthquakes and subsequent tsunami and waves that have hit Japan, killing thousands and destroying much. Well, as before, fandom is kind of coming together to help out.

This is the link to [ profile] arashi_on's fundraiser for Japan. And as they said: I know most of us are broke or young or both but if you can and you want to, then you could check it out.

I heard about this from [ profile] flange5 who proves YET AGAIN that she is my god.

And now, because I like to package my pimps:

Uta no Oniisan fic! )
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Okay, it was totally an ordinary day for almost all of it. But then.


My husband came home. With a box.

From [ profile] flange5.

And this box was filled with al;dkfjlskjLOVE. LOVE I TELL YOU. Love in the form of delicious, delicious (magically unbroken!!!) Arashi cookies. There was...we had a party, I won't lie. It was a party. We called the neighbor kids and hacked into that box and behaved like we were at an Arashi concert.

P-possibly we might have made the cookies sing a song together.

I made some Ohmiya fish kiss.

We didn't take pictures because we were way too excited to think about it. I wish we would have because akldjflksdj it was so much fun and I think Flange should have seen that. We were going to actually maybe save the members and do the clear-coat/harness/awesome ornament thing only playing with them broke them.

We had a moment of silence as we stared at our poor, broken Leader and Aiba.

Me: ...sadness.

Husband: I get to eat Ohno's crotch.


Kids: parents so weird. hide faces in shame now?

Neighbor kids: Parents awesome!

Husband: MmmOhno...

And now I am full of delicous, sparkling cookies and joy and so much love. Waves of love and happiness fill my heart.

I love you, Flange. Forever and ever I will remember this as my Arashi Christmas. Thank you for being so wonderful. Words cannot express my adoration.
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I told Aya to flip a coin! Heads was Finding Nino, tails was Sex-Demon AU!

Tails it was.

So! This takes place...actually right after More Than Heaven and spans through the events of Into the Parlor and One Moment/this snippity bit.

ALSO! [ profile] 9squirrels made fanart for 'More Than Heaven'! It's Sho with his tattoo (in both Japanese AND Angelic script!). My heart! Please go praise the beauty that lies beyond that link!

AND [ profile] literarylemming made manips. a;ldjkfs;ldjk LOVE. I HAVE IT.

This was my reward for working on my Hols fic! So it's kind of rushed. Sorry? At least part of it has porn?

Four Things Sho Learns About Being Mortal and One Thing He Already Knew )
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[ profile] tangiblewhimsy made icons and a manip based on the Nino is a fish AU that I wrote ages ago.



Bigger picture of awesomeness )

I am kind of just making squeaking noises of great love. I LOVE HER SO MUCH. LIKE MORE THAN I CAN SAY.

Now all that I need for today to be perfect is to win the lottery so I can have everybody over to my house to watch Arashi concerts and have gleeful snuggles. (It will happen one day!)


Jan. 18th, 2010 06:50 pm
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Dear Internet,

You know who knows the most awesome people on the 'net?


Though I haven't finished with all the prompts from the last time, I thought I would make it clear that my offer of drabbles extends to anybody who can see this. I just need a person (or pairing) and a prompt (a word, a paragraph, a picture, a song, whatever) and I will work on it eventually. Because I really, really love the 'net and because the people I know are the best people anywhere.

Filled with joy,

PS. Help Haiti. I'm too burnt out to write fic for it but there are amazing people that I want to bid on.
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I...I truly do have the best people ever in my life. A package arrived today and I have to say I cried a little bit. Or, you know, enough to discombobulate my kids. (Mommy, why are you crying? says five-year-old. Mommy is happy! says I. Oh, obviously, says frazzled fourteen-year-old).

I'm in the middle of hosting a New Years party for Allie and her friends so expect e-mails tomorrow but for now...: REQUEST TIME.

Dear Flist and Lurkers That I Speak With Something Regular:

Please send me a picture of yourself. I'm going to make a locked post with my address and I will give it out to those who PM me and ask. But I have a special place for photos now and I want to fill it with you!


If you don't want me to have a photo-photo of you I would also accept stick-figures bearing your names (LJ too, plz).

I will even send out SASEs for you, if you want.

Now I've got to go play the New Moon board game with a bunch of twelve-year-old girls. I'm going to lose badly but I am happy about this.

Click me for fic! )
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I saw mommy
kissing Santa Claus

BUT MOSTLY THIS. That is the fic somebody wrote for me at [ profile] je_holiday and it is magnificent. I'm all kinds of in love with it. I am going to be late for work but it is so very, very worth it. Please go love on that author for me.

...and LOVE

Dec. 7th, 2009 02:20 pm
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I saw mommy
kissing Santa Claus

I'm not sure what's going on but today when I checked my e-mail I had six v-gifts. I think I missed a meme or something but whatever it was THANK YOU. I love you guys, too. In fact, if you sent me a snowflake and would like to leave me a character/pairing and a prompt I would like to write you each a drabble.

Randomly: Dear to f-list: Thank you for being on the internet. ♥

Now, back to cookie making for the kids' school concert bake-sale. (Note to self: Never again try to make snowflake cut-outs with the almond cookies This will always end in tears.)
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So the reveals are up at [ profile] je_fqfest. Without any bias whatsoever deliberation, I can say honestly that I love [ profile] moonbyrd.

Seriously, though, there was so really amazing fic porn offered up in that exchange. This is a link to all the Arashi stuff. I still mean to get around to reading all of it and commenting, though. I might not know the bands but I know good fic when I read it.

My recipient was [ profile] coiled_iris. I think I love her brain. Also, her comment.

Under the cut you will find my contribution. I decided to include all the title and pairing and rating and warning stuff because...well, I actaully have it written for once. Circe rejects giving you information unless forced!

Title: The Games He Plays

Pairing/Group: Arashi/Matsumoto Jun, Ninomiya Kazunari/Matsumoto Jun * Arashi (some bonus Toma thrown in as well)

Rating: SP. For Seriously Pornographic. There's a lot of porn in here.

Warnings: Heterosexual sex!!! Warning! Danger! Girl parts are mentioned! But it's all on the level of 'mention' so you should make it through all right. Mostly there is some sexual rough handling, mild bondage, and a touch of blood play. There is also a little exhibitionism/voyeurism, some cross-dressing, some quasi-threesomes and the abuse of at least one semi-public wall and a bathroom stall.

Summary: Jun plays a lot of games with his bandmates, but for his favorite game it can only be Nino.

Notes: For [ profile] coiled_iris: I wish I could have done more. ♥ ♥♥. To my beta (whom I can now reveal as the truly magnificent [ profile] waxrose): LOVE. BEYOND WORDS.

The Games He Plays )
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New stuff up at [ profile] arashiroadtrip. It's not the end, btw, just the awesome start of the next part of the trip.

Voting over at [ profile] shoneenclub. Even if you don't want to vote (why wouldn't you want to?) you should still go read the fic and look at the art. There is AWESOMESAUCE to be had. I'm tempted to know if anybody can guess what I wrote...only I have the feeling that it's probably pretty damn obvious.

[ profile] je_fqfest is still posting fics (at the rate of five a day). JE PORN. What's not to love? There's a nice set of tags to use to find whatever you're looking for but, more importantly, THIS was written for me. I find it to be beautiful and all sweet and hot. YES.
I cannot (nor would I) say which one I wrote (or whether or not its posted yet) but, again, I have the feeling that its pretty obvious.

Also: MEG. I love her brain. No, I don't think anybody would notice (or care) about McCoy's accent. And your pain tastes like sweet, sweet candy.

ETA: I removed the rant. It's really just self-indulgent crap. Long story short and still boring? )

The important part to remember? THOSE LINKS.
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Shoneen Contest Entries. Go and read the fic, stare at the art, you will love it. I promise.

And the first of the [ profile] je_fqfest entries are going up tonight.

Fic for everyone! Life is good today.

PS. I need a Toma icon. Must rememeber to look for one.

Will be back around the internet and able to make comments soon. Still rebuilding brain. ([ profile] beckerbell, I am looking at you.)
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Apparently when I have a looming deadline ([ profile] je_fqfest ;___;) I write over-emotional crap instead of crying and panicking like a normal person.

This relates to Aki's present but is not, alas, porno. I'm supposed to be writing porno (that is not related to Ohno's sex-demoning ways or the twisted things Jun did with those other two) but instead I wrote this.

At least I only wasted an hour?

More Than Heaven )

ETA: If anybody wants to read some actually awesome guardian angel fic, you can read this and the fic it links to. Because it is amazing--as Erin's work tends to be, I might add--and it is not nearly so heavy as this. Seriously, go give it a read.

ETA2: [ profile] karmade drew fanart for this. Why are people so amazing to me?
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Ah, I meant to pimp this earlier but...the short story contest [ profile] ohmiya ends today. Get an entry in if you can. ;___; I don't know that I will. My brain is sort of NOT WORKING.

[ profile] sei_shoku is also going to be runing a contest because Nino's birthday is coming up and
He has cute hands

Ps: Moar [ profile] shoneenclub spam, plz. C'mon, you guys know you want to write the Sho-Nino bffery.

ALSO. [ profile] ruisetsuna is fantastic. She drew Heart-shaped Ohmiya, girl!Ohmiya (yes, I like my boyband as girls), and animal!Arashi. And in between those is some Matsujun sparkling and some Aiba/Jun and HI I LIKE ART, OKAY?

Which reminds me that everybody should check out the art over at the Road Trip's Fanart Masterlist.

And regarding [ profile] arashiroadtrip... It really amazes me. It started as comment spam over at Tiina's and now it's 45 parts, has a word count of over 50k, and no real end in sight because there is so much we haven't explored (and other famous people we haven't roped in). And it's not like we plan things out as a group. I don't think anybody really talks to anybody about what's going to happen 'next' (sometimes 'next' is set years in the past) and somehow the whole thing just keeps going and keeps being awesome.
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First: Voting is going on over at [ profile] ohmiya. I will say that I'm not winning and neither am I close to winning. This doesn't bother me because some of the entries are really amazing and it makes me really want to work harder when I write.

Second: a;sdfjsdjf;lsfj [ profile] ruisetsuna did art for 'Heart-shaped'. It is AMAZING. It makes me inexpressibly happy. *________*

Third: Why is writing such a struggle these days? I gave myself a twenty minute time-limit today just to get something DONE and took a prompt off a list at [ profile] 31_days.

Here, have some random angst. )

If you take anything away from this post let it be this: a;lsdkfjdOMG ART. Plus, you know, there is GIRL!Aiba and Sho and some other pretty people that I don't know.
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First: The contest at [ profile] ohmiya You have three days (give or take) to join in on the drabbles. I would not say 'no' to Ohmiya drabbles. Just putting that out there.

Second: [ profile] sei_shoku, [ profile] shoneenclub, and [ profile] arashiroadtrip. I have been throwing fic at them. Some of it is porn. You have to join for the porn, though. SOME OF THAT PORN IS NOT WRITTEN BY ZEL. I PROMISE. IT WILL TOTALLY NOT MELT YOUR EYES. And somebody has said that if the Road Trip gets 100 watchers, there will be porn THERE too. Not that this is a hint or anything.

Third: My net was a sucking hole last night.

Fourth: Either LJ is a tool or my gmail is--but I got my net back this morning and found sixty-eight comment notices and some notices for PMs. Um. Some of them are OLD comments. I might respond to some of them, I might not. The PMs I will most certainly reply to. Hopefully tonight. orz orz orz ETA: Apparently, some of these are comments I replied to. I don't feel like such a total tool anymore.

Fifth: I seriously married a great guy. He spent the weekend dowloading Arashi PVs on the PS3. Though, I think I might have to kill him because he woke me up early Saturday morning to ask me if there were subs for 'Jun's drama thing' yet. And if I had the raws for Sho's. I MAY let him live because he didn't even blink at the Kitto Daijoubu PV. The only thing he wanted to know was why Nino had a stupid hat.

And now I am off to bake cookies. I should probably invest in health snacks for the 4k class but screw it. Everybody loves cookies.



ETA MORE: It strikes me that Road Trip AU Nino would probably actually spend money on a 'sperm dumpster' t-shirt just to see what the hell Jun and/or Sho did when they saw it. Possibly he would want to talk Aiba and Ohno into them as well. BECAUSE IT IS FUNNY. 'WHAT?! It's not like we're going to go out dinner together and wear them like club t-shirts!'


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